Modern Coverns : Womanspace Woman Space

Strange cult under the Goddess Movement, Womanspace are a ritualistic menstruation obsessed women only organisation who sell a brand of tampax and hold meetings in the Dubai area.

The website sells the products but the facebook group, twitter and affiliations reveal the more alchemy based purpose behind the organisation which is based around meetings described as “circles”

e-commerce website

Blog about blood (The Gift of Blood)


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The womanspace movement is part of the Goddess Movement ( and most likely from the Holding Womanspace Org which is a variation on Wicca.

Baraka Elihu

Spiritual Mission from website…

The therapeutic practices are driven by my precise use of the vehicle & mechanism of ceremony. I channel customized experiences that clear & strengthen the pathways between our many selves and the collective intelligence of the multiverse. Guided by ritual, my work is a distinct, palpable space where all of your stories, celestial records, and mythologies can converge peacefully – much like a great council meeting or the reunion of soulmates. With ritual practice, we hold space for a creative collaboration involving not just us, but all the unseen ones who support us. I utilize the ancient science of ceremony to synchronize our collective healing as women with the inevitable emergence of the New Matriarchy. Whether I am working with an individual woman or within the magic of circle, we are having a conversation with the divine. I consider each session & every circle a ceremony unto itself. Likewise, I consider every courageous movement a woman makes toward her own healing, a vital part of the restoration of a culture that exalts the Sacred Feminine.


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