Johnny Depp, Lawrence Krauss, Marlon Brando and those books!

Watching an interview where yet another actor gushes over Marlon Brando like their life depended on it and I noticed something odd. Not the gushing of course, no gushing would be noticeable. The interviewer a one Mr Lawrence Krauss and the interviewee was former selective athouse director darling but current Disney sellout, Johnny Depp.

Depp is an odd one. He in the Hollywood Vampires band, seems to hate the industry and despises that he is now best known for a Disney ride that became a movie franchise. A pretty naff one too, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lawrence Krauss is an aggressive atheist who describes himself an ANTITHEIST. Not happy with not having a belief himself he takes the time to spit vitriol at anyone that does as long as they are polite Christians who turn the other cheek and not litigation prone Scientologists or angry Muslims or anyone who might respond likewise to his angry approach.

So grumpy Depp aside, you might wonder why a set of books between them such as this might sit with Krauss…

Lawrence Krauss religions books

Necromicon – Alistair Crowley
Thomas Paine – Complete Works
Mastering Magick – ??
Complete Writing of Edgar Allen Poe
Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Charles Darwin – The Origin of Species

That’s a bizzare mix and with Krauss in charge of this interview in a creative sense also it now appears, why would this man of science bundle books like that in his beloved Darwinsim?

A secret spiritualist? That explains the hatred for the Bible I guess.

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