Industry Debates Theatrical Distribution vs. Netflix Amid Academy Rule Change Speculation

Recent report that Steven Spielberg will propose a rule shift at the next Academy meeting that’s to make it difficult for Netflix movies to compete for Oscars has caused debate online among the movie faces, with many arguing for Netflix or pointing out that the situation is more complicated than theatrical release versus streaming.

Sean Baker, “The Florida Project” director, ventured that Netflix add a “theatrical tier” to its pricing.

“This would help keep cinema owners and audiences who appreciate the theatrical experience satisfied,” he tweeted. “Just an idea with no details ironed out. But we need to find solutions like this in which everybody bends a bit in order to keep the film community…alive and kicking.”

So… it’s about money and a thin coating of concern for audiences will make this row that’s headed up by obscenely rich movie royalty Spielberg. Save it, Stephen.

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