Nicole Kidman, Owls, Kubrick and Domestic Troubles

How to categorise Kidman. She has a father who died under a cloud of scandal that suggest he may have been assassinated by the devil worshipping pedophile sect he was involved in and then you have the owl thing. What owl thing? Allow me to demonstrate….

I won’t go into the Kubrick subliminal owls here as it’s a huge topic in itself but if you know Kubrick and his visual subliminal work that’s hinted at in Room 237 then you may have noticed that his work is covered in owls. Well, Nicole Kidman loves them too. Bigs eyes and owls and all things a bit Wicca, this woman is strongly suspected to be in a Hollywood coven hence her appearance in the Practical Magic movie alongside open Wicca practitioner Sandra Bullock.

That wave of playful occult themed movies and TV shows of the 1990s was for the maturing of the audiences of Disneys very dark and occult laden 1980s spell where a decision was made to go from Mickey Magic to a more mature form of influence in the ongoing drive from Hollywood to push Satanism and Alchemy on the entire world.

Nicole is also a very talented actress though so we can’t be entirely mad at her for being a witch and she also endured a marriage to Tom Cruise.

Very close links to Cate Blanchett who is very open about her pagan ways.

nicole kidman owls witchcraft

Nicole Kidman Owls Witchcraft

Nicole Kidman Owls Witchcraft

Nicole Kidman Owls Witchcraft

Nicole Kidman Wicca Owls Witchcraft

Oh, and her hubbys tattoo is of her name with an owl face hidden in the swirls too! That’s love, right?

Keith Urban Owl Tattoo Nicole Kidman Wicca Husband

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