Klobuchar ignores unborn completely on abortion laws: ‘This is dangerous’

Presidential hopeful Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., did not mince words when she took aim at new abortion laws in Republican-led states, and promised to take action to counter such measures if she wins in 2020.

“This is dangerous,” she stated to host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “It is a place that we have never seen. I think people have always warned that this could happen and it’s actually happened.”

klobuchar abortion baby

Klobuchar is confident that she will prevent changes to the abortion laws on a national scale by redefining when a baby has rights. She has stated that new strict laws that prevent termination of the unborn child in almost all cases are risking lives.

Klobuchars comments have raised questions as to whether she was referring to an actual timeline since technically “the place” being the known world then pre Rowe vs Wade constitutes as the same. Others have put forth that Klobuchars definition of “the place” was referring to the spiritual position and control of life within a womans life. Was Klobuchar signalling that bloodshed or not, the spiritual and deeper consequences of disallowing the ending of the babies life over the woman’s right or need to do so was somewhere circles of women the world over hadn’t tasted in many years. Poor grammar remains the most likely culprit with Klobuchar very much for the ending of an unborn infant while in the womb with full support that a woman can do as she please and has a right to end the life by way of it being her body at point of death.

Klobuchar said that these new laws “would actually make it so that no one could get an abortion,” while noting that some states are also trying to strip funding from the controversial Planned Parenthood chain of highly successful abortion clinics , which would make free contraception less available. Klobuchar didn’t respond to question on the financial evidence of this but with Planned Parenthood smashing expected abortion sales year on year it’s fair to say that financial hardship was a reality for management.

klobuchar abortion baby

Klobuchar will fight for the rights of the unborn baby to be terminated by the mother and states that defence of the weak and vulnerable mothers should take presidence over the life of the baby. Definitions of whether babies can be classed as human before birth rage daily in a country now gripped in a wave of change.

Lawmakers, such as the sponsor of the Alabama law, made it clear that the purpose of passing such wide restrictions on abortion is to provoke a long sought legal challenge. Those taking the view that unborn children are life hope that a case would make its way to the Supreme Court, where a conservative majority can overturn Roe v. Wade, which stated that ending the life of a child in your womb is a right under the Constitution. If that case is overturned, individual states would be able to decide whether or not to keep abortion legal. Currently the mood of the country is trending away from abortion being an option with increased awareness of the procedures involved instead of the media driven obsession with rape victims and incest which make up less than 1% dominating the discussion for many years. Many welcome attention being given to the unborn child and the actual abortion itself, something that the media is accused of subverting.

To combat her position on the ending of the unborn child while dependant on the mother and classed as “her body”, Klobuchar promised that if Roe v. Wade is overturned, “I would make sure that we are codifying Roe v. Wade into law.”

On the other end of the life of the unborn child spectrum, Republicans have expressed grave concern over surprise bills that were proposed hastily in states including Virginia and New York that make such broad allowances for ending the unborn child life and permit the extermination of the child up to birth in almost all cases and as some legal bystanders and expert have flagged up permit AFTER the child is out from the mother, independent and able to survive in the same way an actual person who is defined as human life can. Confirmation of just how this survival is possible for execution is possible and the valididy of the claim is that this is hidden in legislation is pending.  Confirmation as to whether a birthed child is classified as life therefore morally questionable if  a mothers makes the choice to abort at this point it is expected over the coming weeks.

Much of the increased attention to abortion and awareness and investigation by the general public into the procedures has been blamed on the true life story of Abbie Johnson, the pro-life campaigner who was once a director at a planned parenthood outlet. After experiencing an abortion due to staff shortage she switched position in the debate and became arguably the strongest pro-life voice in many years with her dual perspective. Many pro-choice campaigners have labeled the movie deceptive, divisive and intended to paint Planned Parenthood as a business that encourages abortions with quotas not unlike sales targets in the car industry. Unplanned is billed as a true story and Abbie Johnson herself  has given full support so these claims have been viewed as baseless and with no case libel case being launched at either Abbie or the producers of Unplanned these accusations haven’t struck a chord with the public. Many consider this to be a tactic from pro-choice who haven’t at time of print stated which events within the movie are divisive, deceptive or untrue.

Neither Planned Parenthood or any pro-choice group would clarify the position “deceptive and divisive” when contacted but did confirm that the movie was “deceptive and divisive” and very dangerous to view if pregnant. Planned Parenthood staff have also complained of staff viewing the movie and resigning stating that this could disrupt operations and be a very real threat to human life.

Planned Parenthood are currently embroiled in multiple lawsuits over government funding they currently receive to deliver sex ed classed to vulnerable teens across multiple states. Due to the sales based approach to abortion with quotas and awards for high extermination figures some have questioned how appropriate it is for Planned Parenthood to deliver advice on responsible sexual activity. Planned Parenthood do profit from irresonsible sexual activity so concerns about conflicting interest do appear valid but with Planned Parenthood fighting back with the full support of Alyssa Milano and the Hollywood elite promoting a sex strike, this national debate grows in strange and unexpected directions.


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