Shabos Secrets: The Mysteries Revealed

Free eBook, gets great reviews.

Shabbos Secrets Free eBook

Download Shabbos Secrets – The Mysteries Revealed by Rabbi Dovid D. Meisels PDF FREE

Rabbi Dovid Meisels has performed a monumental service to the Jewish community. This inspired presentation of the fundamentals of Shabbos Kodesh in all its beauty is a work of art, which appeals to the soul with magnetic force. The author has gathered choice pearls of wisdom from a rich away of sources spawning the vast spectrum of Torah Wisdom from the wellsprings of Chazal up until the writings of the Sages of our own generation. For those whose Shabbos experience has been hitherto tenuous and colorless, this work will serve to kindle a flame of feeling and warmth. Those whose Shabbosim have already been spiritually elevated may glean from these writings a deeper understanding of things already familiar to them and use them to raise their spirituality even higher.

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