Hollywood Hex appeal: How Witchcraft has charmed the cinema into accepting the occult.

For a growing number of women in Britain and Europe, it’s October, not December, that marks the most magical time of the year. As summer fades to grey and the evening shadows lengthen, many prepare for Halloween, basking in their favourite witchcraft or craeft flicks while relishing the incoming demonic pagan Xmas and New Year. Innocent children are dressed as ghouls and movie witches as they fill the streets, high on sugar with buffoon parents who are inadvertently sowing a subversive modern doctrine of demons through allowing veneration to the ghastly characters and visions.

The Witches of Eastwick Subversive Wicca witchcraft kabbalah
“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” — Pat Robertson, American televangelist

Women of Enochian Magic honoured Halloween originally

But who is it who truly rules over Halloween, as it was known in the home of the Wicca Greenman, Britain? Is it the Kabbalist? Nope, Jewish mysticism didn’t really find a home in the UK until recently. Satanists? Until the mid 60s it was illegal to practice any form of witchcraft or craeft. Or was it women? Before Christianity raised fellowships over temples and placed its own holy days over the ancient calendar who ruled the dark half of the year? Who drew down the moon and honoured the dead on behalf of the living? Witches, women of the arts of enoch and the moon who were sealed together by their menstrual cycles and the giving of blood.

the witches 1990 kabballa witchcraft tsimtsum esoteric submilinal freemasonry

Hollywoods unhealthy obsession with Witchcraeft

While many blame modern Kabbalah, the unhealthy fascination with the witch is nothing new. Having abandoned the broom some time back, the modern witch can now be found on youtube, hexing Big Pharma and campus rapists, or dressed in black strutting through the streets under the guise of going through “a phase”. The devils daughters who work best in circles or covens have been with us since the beginning of time and if you’re to take the Hasidic Judaism account of Genesis, started with the original wife of Adam, disobedient Lilith. Witches have been a curse on almost every culture across the centuries, and despite many attempts to stop them, continues to occupy the esoteric words as a silent growing craft in the West. In our current Godless and spiritually ignorant state they are seen but not comprehended in the serious way that this plague should be. Instead they are a quirky and confusing group that are tolerated, dismissed as hocus pocus but worrying to those in the know and awake to the danger as the feminist abortion loving threat of our modern age.

In Hollywood, the evil darkness hid

Cinema, like the reality of our true and very bloody history, has been just as kind to the witch. Once the demonic pagan witches were rightfully sent into hiding and Christianity reigned, the state revealed that witches and witchcraft, real or imagined, were indeed demonic and to be avoided at all costs. This truth is now held out as nothing more than an effective patriarchal brutality used to silence women (and some homosexual men) who challenged or inconvenienced Christian zealots. Through the deception of cinema, the modern witch and witchcraeft has sanatised and hidden her true satanic image and placed a veil over the eyes of the world through the magick of the silver screen.

the phoenix agenda maleficent sleeping beauty hollywood kabballa satanism

The Celluloid Snake: Hollywoods love of witches and Kabbalah

Backed by the executive and high powered Kabbalists like Stephen Spielberg, cinema has sown a lie enthusiastically ever since, casting witches as a novelty wife in Bewitched or the downtrodden victim. Along with a slew of other subtly deceptive and crafty movies, Wicca witches Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman did their best to send up the black magick arts of Wicca in Griffin Dunne’s Kabbalistic 1998 movie Practical Magic with the most destructive lie to attach itself to Witchcraft. “There’s no Devil in witch-craft”. Wicca as always played itself as the earth loving religion that claims to predate Christianity’s clear Good/Evil of Darkness/Light pantheon by centuries.

Disneys Phoenix Agenda: Nihilism, Nature and Godlessness

the phoenix agenda hollywood kabballa nihilism satanism

From its very inception, Disney highjacked the modern fairytale by making every single one very much its own before swtiching to live action and reversing protagonist and antagonist and casting the male as the wicked opperessor. This subtle and crafty plan started with funny little Mickey in Fantasia running after a Magick broom and now exists with Maleficent, the villain of Disneys sleeping beauty protrayed as a fallen angel/demon whos wings were clipped by a cruel male. This promotion of feminine divinity is nothing more or less than the promotion of the moon worshipping witch with false claims to victimhood and crafty workings within modern idenity politics.

In the pursuit of All Truth we will be covering the various movies to subversively distort the image of Witchcraft and allow the craft to silently move over areas like the Phoenix Lights did back in 1997.

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