Cisgender Man Briefly Identifies as Courageous Woman In Order To Voice Valid Opinion On Abortion

London UK – City carpet fitter Brian Scrutton decided to give his opinion on abortion to a coworker earlier this week, a move described as an ill considered reckless move that could endanger lives and could have unimaginable damage with limitless consequences by Voice for Choice, UK.


Immediately a colleague stepped in and he was informed that since he is a man, he does not get to have an opinion on killing babies.

So, Scrutton came up with a progressive solution: he identified as a courageous woman long enough to give his opinion on abortion, then transitioned to his cisgender identity of  male after she had made his opinion known.

“Sorry, men don’t get a say over women’s bodies” his coworker, Mercedes, had informed him, destroying his statement that maybe killing a baby doesn’t solve things. “Only women get to have their voices heard on this issue.”

“Excuse me Mercedes , did you just assume my gender?” Scrutton replied, looking offended by her potentially dangerous assumption. “I actually identify as a courageous 21-year-old woman named Samantha. Womens voices have been silenced on this issue for too long. How can this be happening in 2019? My body, my voice”

Mercedes apologised and conceded that the courageous woman now could say her piece, since gender is merely a systemic construct and not an biologically dictated part of a person’s makeup. “That’s a very interesting take, Mercedes” she said after she told her abortion is actually the taking of a human life, scientifically speaking. “Thank you for making your strong brave transgender voice heard on this issue. I have nothing but respect for you”

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