Modern Cults & Covens: Universal Life Church Modesto California

A doctrine of inclusion of all religions so not strictly a church. Not really any visible doctrine other than being universal so every doctrine and religion including atheism so this is the most inclusive ministry in the galaxy. You may not even need to exist to become a member. OR GET ORDAINED! That can be done online with a form and it’s INSTANT.

UCL Ordained Form

UCL Ordained Form

Some pretty famous people make up the ministers. There is no mention of Cardinals or Bishops and the closest thing they might have had to a pope was Actors Studio member, Paul Newman.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 03.29.52

They appear to be a little fragmented. The California congregation (they must need bodyguards and helicopters every sunday) with the above attending. As ministers I am certain none of them would miss Sunday worship so I hope they pay a little towards the weekly security required. The original Church is located in Modesto.

UCL Modesto Church

UCL Modesto Church is the humble start of the most inclusive Church in the known universe. The building might be a nod to The Actors Studio in New York as they are very similar.

actors studio new york temple

The Actors Studio in New York has amongst others Minister Paul Newman among it’s most beloved numbers. Since method acting is something of a religion within itself it’s a good thing that the UCL was set up with its flexible central doctrine of no doctrine and also all doctrine which would then include method acting.

They also have an offshoot through a schism that occurred (unlikely to have been doctrinal) and that’s the Universal Life Church Monastery which isn’t an actual monastery. Their ordained ministers look like this….


The mantra or WE ARE ONE is still on the logo of the original UCL church and pictures everyone from a man with a moustache to a woman, apache Indian to an African American and what appears to be a Tibetan monk. It’s unclear if the splinter groups who appear to disassociated themselves with the original church still hold to our use the WE ARE ONE mantra.

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