Mysteries Hidden in Art: The Last Supper

Avoiding the Dan Brown distraction, Da Vincis insertion of women and music (part of the Florentine renaissance agenda to feminise Jesus Christ) and take into account that many Last Supper paintings were made, these following images are very interesting.

From Disney to tracing boards and then to the actual art. Let’s start with The Little House, the 1952 eco movie with strong masonic overtones.

disney the little house

Walt Disney himself was a member of the DeMolay Order so Disney movies are drenched in Masonic esotericism.

Francia Bigio created a version of the last supper in the codex set out by Da Vinci who had nothing but bad intentions for Christianity.

This montage below could quite easily accept the above image from the Disney eco-message movie, The Little House (1952)


masonic art owl Francia Bigio

This clearly speculative but that’s how it should be. Esoteric, speculative and the Francia Bigio Last Supper certainly contains the owl symbology and central vanishing point.

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