Adam Sandlers love letter to his roots: Zohar Zohan and Kaballistic Cobblers

The widely talented Adam Sandler, an accomplished actor, singer and comedian of Jewish decent has provided entertainment to America for many years.

sandler zohar zohan cobbler kaballah

Adam pays respect to the roots of mystic hermetic Judaism in two recent movies. Most hold Sandlers movies to be shallow and goofy so to many it will be a pleasant surprise that he does work on a far deeper level and his movies as a whole require reevaluation with this factored

Love him or loath him, there’s no denying that Adam Sandler has had a massive influence on the shape of comedy today. From his early days on Saturday Night Live, his oft-repeated songs, and movies that have had hot and cold responses from critics and audiences. The goofy and sometimes weirdly angry big-screen persona and incredibly media shy hide a respectful guy who through his work bringing magic and mayhem to the American big screen and TV, a deeper meaning to it all.

In two recent movies, Sandler quietly paid respect to his Jewish roots with subtle nods to Judaism and inparticular the hermetic mysticism of Kaballah.

Nicely done, Adam. Polarising reviews aside, we would love to see more from you.


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