Phoenix Lights Hoax Origination (1964) : Steven Spielberg, Firelight and debunking the Kabbalist code behind the silent craft that took Phoenix

The Phoenix Lights…that strange enigma. Where did it all begin is not the first question that springs to mind but perhaps should be. We take you from source to the esoteric of this Kabbalist mystery about the silent craft that apparently crept over Phoenix back in 1997.

Phoenix Lights Debunked Kabballa Hoax Steven Spielberg

Phoenix Lights, a Steven Spielberg Firelight Production

Debunking the Phoenix Lights isn’t actually to take the wonder or mysticism out of the event. To understand is to go back to the beginning. When I say the beginning I do not mean Kurt Russell yammering on about being the pilot who reported it. Neither do I mean the newspaper reports of the event. or the event in 1997. I don’t even mean the actress Lyn Kitae speaking cryptically of the event in one of her many documentaries. Let’s go back to the UFO fan and Hollywood royalty who apparently saw them in 1997 but created the design for the event in his debut movie, Firelight in 1964. Yes, Steven Spielberg is the mastermind behind this strange staged event that has links to Kabballa and Freemasonry.

Proceed to the 40 second mark to see the lights.

Before proceeding it may help to view our original post on the Phoenix Lights and what many have as of recent begun suspecting them to be.  Click here to read that post.

Spielberg Phoenix Lights Firelight
Steven Spielbergs Phoenix Lights featuring Firelight is the first place the Phoenix Lights hoax come esoteric signal started. The movie itself is shrouded in mystery with an odd backstory about it being lost and the only footage to exist being some chopped together TV footage. Just keep this in mind. This is Steven Spielberg and this is his original short movie. And not even a clean up has been done.

Phoenix Lights Mysticism and Coen Brothers collaborator Lynn Kitae

Almost exactly 33 years after the original movie was shown at a small cinema in Phoenix, the lights were seen by thousands over Phoenixand have since developed into a near cult like entity. Actress Lynn Kitae who starred in “Raising Arizona” has over the time since become a Phoenix Lights evangelist as the lines between the esoteric and vague nature of the sighting and unclear information of what actually transpired and Jewish mysticism become very blurry.

stephen spielberg phoenix lights firelight 1964 explained
Two sets of lights pass across and then appear to join which is actually how the reports of the sightings read on the night of 13th March 1997, that night when what’s estimated to be over one thousand people saw the lights but only around two or three got an actual picture.
stephen spielberg phoenix lights firelight 1964 explained
In this second image from Steven Spielberg short, Firelight which is the originating material for the Phoenix Lights, the lights can be seen crossing over with the second set as per the description given during the event from supposed UFO sightings.
steven spielberg phoenix lights firelight 1964 explained
This final shot of the Firelight Phoenix Lights shows them passing over the area from afar. They are just as stated, “A silent craft that makes no noise”

Spielberg himself has even made comment on the lights in regard to a documentary by James Fox,  I know what I saw.

“Compelling” – Steven Spielberg

Spielberg on the James Fox documentary, I Know What I saw

There is also a report that he sent a letter to the director James Fox with details about how the government should make the apparent findings known to the people of Phoenix.

Quote from the above UFO news website…

James Fox is almost gleeful. The world famous film director and producer Steven Spielberg has viewed James Fox’s documentary, “I Know What I Saw,” through a mutual friend and commented on it in a letter.

In a career spanning more than four decades, Spielberg has to his credit such UFO-related great films as Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (1982), The War of the Worlds (2005) and the mini-series Taken (2002), among many others.

Fox is now in receipt of the letter, but cannot make the comments public as of yet. Fox said he’s in touch with Spielberg’s publicist, “who would be happy to let that happen.” But the publicist said when Spielberg was asked about going public with the letter his response was, “Not at this time.” In return, Fox’s reply was, “There won’t be a better time.”

“Let’s suffice it to say, he’s an advocate of government transparency on the phenomena,” Fox concluded and he will continue to push for permission to publish the contents of the letter because he feels it’s important.

Spielbergs name of course adds mystery and awe to the sighting which is infact just a large scale hoax relating to possible unconfirmed matters in Hollywood.

So there you have it. UFO mad Spielberg created the Phoenix Lights in his very first movie.

Since this might be a hot potato of a story we have taken the time to send it to a bunch of UFO enthusiasts and websites incase of any legal threats or hush ups to hosting companies. Since there isn’t anywhere this can be found on the internet it’s either that we noticed it first (unlikely) or it has been hushed up. We at don’t believe this should be the case.


Youtube Video;_1964);_1964)

Spielberg interviewed at The Actors Studio where he mentions Firelight

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