Hollywood & Planned Parenthood: Lauren Shuler Donner

lauren shuler donner planned parenthood hollywood abortion prochoice
Lauren Shuler Donner has used her power within movies to further the cause of Planned Parenthood and Wicca principles in regard to our treatment of the earth.

Prochoice Producer

Hollywood planned parenthood supporter and activist, Lauren Shuler Donner has lead the charge for younger movie industry feminists to get behind Planned Parenthood, the pro abortion organisation that Hollywood quietly helped shape.

Abortion is largely a taboo but even though many in the movie magic busines might avoid the opportunity to voice an aggressive feminist opinion incase they alienate any potential boxoffice, prochoice activist and Planned Parenthood advisory board member Lauren Shuler Donner is in no way cautious with her words. She didn’t ascend like a Phoenix to her current position as one of Hollywoods elite producers by being shy.

After she graduated from Boston where she majored in film, the Cleveland feminist activist headed out to the more liberal minded magical Hollywood and started knocking doors for jobs that at that point were traditionally for men. She took a job cutting negatives for a company that made medical films, which gave her a way into the movie biz and Hollywood elite: a job at NBC Studios, Burbank, where she learned the craft of camera work and began filming talkshows.

“There were three women and 300 men. People would ask for my autograph because they had never seen a woman behind the camera before.”, she muses

It’s then no mistake that feminist activist and planned parenthood advisory board member Lauren Shuler Donner’s first producing credit wa “Mr. Mom,” a, 1983 comedy that subversively pushed a feminist agenda by subverting the preconceived and accepted roles of men and women which laid the pavind slabs for the current genderless society Hollywood is aggressively pushing.

The veteran producer has intentionally used her position to further the agenda of nonprofits Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles and the Natural Resources Defense Council and makes no excuses for this. After the early transgender coercion movie “Mr. Mom” she moved to a number of family movies that contained subtle social parables like “Free Willy,” “Dave” and “X-Men.”

“I’ve really tried to use the power of film to effect change,” the Planned Parenthood supporter says. “The accomplishment that I am most proud of is that ‘Free Willy’ and ‘Dave’ got a political message out, which isn’t easy to do within the constraints of studio moviemaking.”

The movie “Freewilly” was a hit and a crowdpleaser while quietly pushing a sort of Wicca agenda that women and men are to be at one with the earth and worship and work with it. Using the craft of moviemaking, Lauren Shuler Donner has proudly held high the causes of Planned Parenthood and Feminism with a male dominated Hollywood.

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