Leonardo DaVinci Secret Codes: Kali is The Vitruvian Man

“The depth of his achievement spans what most people would deem achievable in many lifetimes, but his work was also shrouded in mystery”.

DaVinci Secrets

The Vitruvian Man seems to be a singular image. Incorrect, the image actually has 16 different poses. When you see it in this form it starts to resemble a multimovement form and becomes holographic. Vitruvius, famou architect, states in his work that the measurements of human bodies are defined by Nature as follows that is that four fingers make one single palm, and four palms make a single foot, six palms make one cubit and finally 4 cubits make humans height. Also four cubits make one pace and twenty four palms combined a single human. These are the measurements he used in his buildings which a mystery of the Masonic method.

As a homosexual man, Da Vinci along with many other gay artists used their art to subtly draw the very anti gay Catholic Churches support away. This included the feminising of Christ and the raising up of Mary as the “Mother of God”

To then compare the image of Hindu Goddess of destruction Kali explains another of Da Vinci’s pagan messages which are also contained in his “Magi” painting . Kali is thought to be one of the oldest goddess to be ever worshipped in Hinduism and actually a representation of Satan as she towers over the man who has failed to lead properly. They both contain multiple arms and the female and male circle. The square, Da Vinci’s mathematic definition of man is also contained in the Kali image but as the husband, Shiva under her feet.

Kali in Hollywood Movies Hidden & Visible

Kali fan Steven Spielberg chose to have a very overt Kali in his Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie along with Indiana Jones also being very reverent, not his usual thing. Luc Besson chose to be very subtle and littered The Fifth Element with references to Kali.

4 thoughts on “Leonardo DaVinci Secret Codes: Kali is The Vitruvian Man

  1. Prajwal BP says:

    The article is is out and out misleading .. there’s no connection bw vitruvian man and Kaali … And the statute of natraja or chidambara is shiva , not Kaali at all … Please do proper research before putting misinformed content on the internet


    • Prajwal BP says:

      Also Kaali isnt satan , she is a goddess and wife of shiva . The picture of Kali where in she is standing on shiva has a story beind it .After killing a rakshasa (Satan) called raktabijasura , Kaali is till in a trance of fury , to calm her down shiva himself ll come under feet , she ll become calm as she ll realise that it’s her husband who is under her feet ….. Please do some research , you ll get a greater and authentic insights with what you re trying to do


  2. agnellodei says:

    Extremely ignorant, just as many cultures foreign to the story of Jesus find horrifying the depiction of his crucification and the concept of “eating his flesh”, so do ignorant people only exposed to western religions think Hinduism and characters like Kali are evil.


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