Gigantic Shiva Lingam, Yoni, Maharishi Cult and Missing Persons on the Rise in Fairfield IOWA

Maharashi Cult: Who are they?

The Maharishi cult and its various strands are a little known meditation community near Fairfield, Iowa in an area named Maharishi Vedic City. This budhist cult, located right next to the Fairfield Municipal Airport, has its own observatory, The Raj Ayurvedic Health Center, a hotel located kitty-corner to the Maharishi Vedic Pandit Campus and a gigantic Lingum and yoni only visible from the sky. The grounds themselves spans 80 acres, and consists of over 160 buildings and temples designed according to the Masonic Maharishi Vastu designs. The cult grounds accommodate 1,000+ male members training to be part of it’s peaceful New World Order.

giant shiva lingam yoni fairfield iowa usa mahirishi

Missing Persons Nearby Rising

Whether related to the cult or not, the state of Iowa has seen a very large share of tragedies, with the recent murder of one Mollie Tibbetts and a bizarre amount of unsolved murders and missing persons reported there is a rising concern. In 2013 the FBI stopped a large number of young girls from being bought and sold, and turned into sex slaves at truck stops near the cults ground which is also home to cult wierd director, David Lynch of Twin Peaks fame.

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