Phoenix Lights Hoax Debunked: Who is Dr Lynn D Kitei, UFO Evangelist?

Who is Dr Lynn Dumin Kitei

Since the lid has been lifted on the Steven Spielbergs first movie, Firelight being the source material for this large scale Phoenix Lights Hoax that many suspect is a disguised call for unity by Wicca, Kaballah and Witchcraft practiotioners similar to the Rendlesham Suffolk UK incident was for the Maharishi Cult near that area, all contacts made to Lynn Kitei has come back blank.

As above, hoax below? If you ever have a sick UFO, HOAX or not then Lynn Kitei is the Dr for you. Her brand appears to be outlasting the UFO sighting being just a hoax although if she is a High Priestess of some type of Phoenix cult then I’m first on the rack!

Steven Spielberg box office and UFO hoax Gold…

Phoenix Lights debunking and unmasking as not a great deal more than some material from Spielbergs first movie hasn’t stopped our Lynn who is still selling copy after copy of her book on the topic along with a childrens book “to educate the children first” which doesn’t in any way sound cultish or like some sect of Witchcraft

the phoenix lights hoax
“I know what I saw!”, is the cry of the Phoenix Lights devotees which includes Steven Spielberg who perhaps should alter that to “I know what I shot”
Is the less than savory tone being found in the work of Steven Spileberg and the discovery of his first movie Firelight being the source material for the hoax all tied in?

Whether or not Dr Lynn Kitei was ever an MD is unknown but she has always been an actress in the Phoenix area. She has even starred in a movie by Jewish American Oscar winners, The Coen Brothers. Her role as Florence Arizona is as mysterious as her medical credentials.

dr lynn kitei phoenix hoax
We get it, Lynn. As above and all that jazz. Since you’re in the business of Raising Arizona then can we get a comment on the Spielberg footage that is either actual aliens, a remarkable coincidence or….errr, a hoax that’s actually some occultic signal? A perfectly reasonable explanation to alien sightings….I think?

Did Dr Lynn Kitei Raise the Pheonix Arizona Lights?

Lynn Kitei, UFO Evangelist of the recently debunked Phoenix Lights 1997 mystery. As a UFO evangelist and spokesperson for the slightly occultic movement, she remains rather a mystery.

Facts becoming weirder than the fiction

With an increasing number of online news outlets and bloggers pointing to some of the very occultic themes that appear to have been in the work of Steven Spielbergs work from the very beginning, is the Phoenix Lights as many suspect a large call to arms by the Witchcraft community?

The Lights over Phoenix is clearly nothing more than Spielbergs hoax but Dr Lynn Kitei is as active as ever in her esoteric worlds of public speaking on pagan topics. She is a key speaker at this years Portal to Ascension conference, a thinly veiled Hollywood coven that speaks of revealing hidden truths at the correct time.

We are pioneering awareness that will assist in re-writing the history books and creating a paradigm based on the principles of unity, transparency, higher consciousness and full disclosure of many truths that have been hidden from humanity and can empower us  as a collective.

Portal to Ascension Cult

Emails sent to Lynn Kitei have not been returned.

The strange saga continues….

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