Stanley Kubrick, Owls, Bohemium Grove and Adaptations

Subliminal Genius, Satire and owls

While his later work seemed to be hinting at larger topics like Hollywood cults, faked moon landings and even the coverup of the suspected flat earth, Kubrick was still able to take time to tell the subliminl storyline in his great works. Owls, angry birds of all types and witchcraft/craeft are just a few of the many topics spanned across the Jewish Freemasons grand body of work.

In this scene from Barry Lyndon we are shown that Kubrick felt that the owl symboogy was part of the larger puzzle that may or may not have been real.

Decoding the Kubrick Code

While many speculate about the great mans work today from the esoteric brilliance of Eyes Wide Shut that has gained a place amongst his greatest to the misunderstood genius within Clockwork Orange.

Whethever Kubrick meant to tell a bigger story about Hollywood elites, vampires from the mind of Alex who prey on the young as he slips back into ultraviolence at the movies close or just to expose the Hollywood mindset towards the very young in Hollywood isn’t known to anyone but the great man himself.

Subliminal nuance was the name of the game for Kubrick as he delivered the hidden world of Hollywood and the elites across the world a portrayal through the owl symbology that was so cintricate that even now more code is being discovered.

The greatest freemason director?

Whether Ridley Scott, Darren Aranofsky or Stuart Rosenberg come close to the talent of Kubrick as fellow Kaballistic directors is doubtful but they are all united in praise for the most perplexing but influential modern director.

bohemium grove kubrick barry lyndon
Bohemiun Grove became a theme in later work but whether this was subversion asked of him by the US government or his own concerns, he made it clear in his own way.

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