Amy Sedaris Strange Interview, missing childrens pictures

Occupant of an apartment in the home of the worlds largest Halloween Parade, Greenwich Village New York, Amy Sedaris gives one of the strangest intereviews that show has delivered yet.

What is Amy actually saying here?

While muddling about her apartment we are shown her “craft room” which appears to have some rather strange and troubling images pinned up.

Amy shows us childrens shoes that she scatters about, a cage that her rabbit never uses, how she loves meat but doesn’t cook it in the kitchen and appears to have a picture of missing UK child Madeline Mccann on her wall along with Baal worship images.
Amy also has childrens pictures on her fridge and picure that appears to be the eyes from the lift and teddy from The Shining which is shown just before the slaughtered twins images in the corridor of blood. Concerning.
Stanley Kubricks classic uses the eyes on the lift as a reference to potential abuse or torment Danny, the principle child in the movie is feeling.
The eye of the teddybear in The Shining is Dannys eye and in what is one of the most troubling parts of the movie is shown when an adult is also dressed as a bear performing a sex act. The movie used the subtleties to suggest what’s spelt out in the Steven King novel.

Amy waltzes about her appartment in an area with a long and dark occult history. Is she telling us something with all of these troubling images and if so then what?

Amys wall art all seems to have an incredibly dark tone, almost monsterous.

It’s very hard to pinpoint what Amy is trying to tell us here but The Cut is known to show very dark figures like Glorias Vanderbilt, Andserson Coopers mother who is linked to the Podestas and Hillary Clinton for the pizza-gate scandal.

What seems most troubling in all of this is Amys decision to have a great deal of references to Baal worship and then a picture of missing UK child, Madeline Mccann..,.

The picture of Madeline Mccann appears to be one of the digitally aged shots that the UK papers issued many times in hope of jogging someones memory.
One of the many images of witches and references to rams and bulls that Amy has shoehorned into her “Craft Room”

We suggest watching the entire clip, viewing our breakdown of what seems most worrying and then letting us know what you think.

A collection of Amys most important points made.

Amy delivers a very confusing picture of her private life.

Whatever is going on with Amy we do hope that no one is harmed and that these strange hints are coincidental. With more than a handful of viewers flagging up the ominous tone we sincerely hope that it’s nothing more than poor choices of words and art.

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