Steven Spielberg “God Lights” Technique & Reasoning The Early Witch-Hunts

Regardless of your opinion on Spielberg and believe me, they vary, the man can shoot.

Spielberg Phoenix Lights Architect

After being quietly outed as the architect of Phoenix Lights UFO sighting hoax when it was discovered that his first “partially lost” movie, Firelight was the source material, the reasons remain unknown.

The Phoenix Lights hoax that has been aggressively pushed within the Arizona media by actor come MD come UFO evangelist, Lynn Kitei who has dedicated her life to promoting the event and the surrounding mysticism and darker toned material like Kaballah and Witchcraft ever since.

Steven Spielberg Phoenix Lights: Reasons Still Unknown

The biggest question remains. Why did Spielberg do this, what is his involvement in this large scale hoax, was he the one who put together the blueprint for the event and what’s the end goal? Some say it’s just an esoteric signal to the occult subculture that’s quietly gained traction over the last 50 years. Hollywood has sanitised the occult and the modern witch so hiding these practices is no longer required. Unfortunately Witchcraft or craeft, creft, kaballa, cosmic cobblers or any of the names it goes under is still just as wicked as it was back when witches were burned at the stake.

The Early Witch-Hunts of Europe

Witch Hunts across unrelated locations and groups over a time spell will not have been a decision taken lightly. There will have been reasons for such strong reactions to its growth.

While no one can condone burning a woman at the stake, it’s very important to consider why that might have happened and factor in that this wasn’t something contained within Christianity, a single country or theists, many locations worldwide with atheists and theists alike felt it necessary to aggressively stamp out witchcraft. We know that Planned Parenthood is in the business of encouraging abortions, has increasing quotas and links to many shady rich occult figures. It’s safe to assume that the decision to go after Witchcraft by so many unrelated groups and areas wasn’t an enjoyable one to make so truly horrible acts will have been uncovered.

Regardless of the strong evidence to the contrary, we would still like to think that Spielberg wasn’t involved in such things. He has given a great deal of joy to the world with his movies regardless of if they have desensitised us to demonic visitors and magic.

Spielberg uses the Sun to contrast and create beautiful silhouettes in his movies and this montage captures the very best of them.

This technique is what Spielberg calls “The God Lights”…

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