Walled City Kowloon, a Giant Blood Shiva Lingam?

Bloodsports, lawlessness and a strange construction that hid both light and its purpose. What looked accidental was infact intentional…as were those small temples that stand to this day….

Maharishi cult & others nearby could help answer…

Blood cults, Shiva Lingams and the movie from secretive but respected by the elite, vampire loving director Newt Arnold, it’s all history to the worlds most densely populated area, Kowloon Walled City.

Kowloon Walled City Vampire Hidden City
All that stands of the original building are the four Maharishi style temple buildings and the original Yamen building in the centre. Folklore has grown about the real intentions behind the vampire style dark city since it was demolished.

Kowloon Walled City: Darkness

While vampires are the beasts of Hollywood folklore who thirst for live blood in order to replenish their youth, these beasts may only exist in the supposed adrenochrome consumption that’s rumoured to go on with elite stars in Los Angeles, Walled City is slightly more grounded in harsh reality and sparse finances. What is for sure about the strange gigantic cake that emerged over 100 years in what appears a very skilled manner (most architects agree it was planned) is that it was intended to be as it was. Does this mean that vampires exist outside of youth yearning Hollywood elites (which may not be true at any rate) or is there a more reasonable explanation?

kowloon walled city temple
One of the temples that could hold the key to the Walled Cities often speculated but little known purpose. One thing is for sure, it was intended to be as it stood.

Temples and Giant Shiva Lingams

Giant blood lingam is a grizzly but actually quite reasonable theory on account of the temples that stood the entire time that are very similar to the Maharishi Trancendental meditation cults. These type of religious sects are known to go for scaled up Lingams and Yonis, a tool that allows offerings to Hindu Gods that they may or may not help or may or may not one day appear.

The IOWA male only Maharishi Golden Dome is a giant Shiva Linham with a Yoni just down the road at the Maharishi Vedic observatory.

What’s a Shiva Lingam & Yoni?

The Linga is the ascending powerful and radiating energy of consciousness and life in our nature through Lord Shiva and Kali. This energy can be seen in the mountains, the thunderclouds, the trees and even in human beings and Gods should they choose to walk the earth through the use of Lingams and Yonis. The most important Shiva site in the Himalayas at the Kedarnath are rocks in the shape of  mountains. Light forms of Shiva at 12 special temples throughout the world are extremely popular. The great sage Ramana Maharshi who stayed in the Himachals is said to be the place for fire linga of the supreme lord and one day where either Shiva or Kali shall return. The sacred state of Tamil Nadu has shiva lingas for the five elements at special temples in the region known as Panchabhoota Sthalam.

Two of the original temples still standing to this day but with a purpose unknown.

Lord Shiva is considered to be pure light in its primal undifferentiated state called the Prakasha Matra , even the Shiva linga is described most often in terms of light transparent and a crystalline angelic form. The linga is often considered as the pillar of light and hope that one day a God will return.  According to the Vedic rituals of the Maharishi cult and others, they believe that fire could be made to rise in the shape of a pillar and eventually take the shape of one of the Hindu Gods.

Google Kowloon Carpenter Road Park Bike Park Owl
A large angry owl face blocked by Google in the Carpenter Road Park Kowloon, where the Walled City once stood almost seems like the blood crying out from the ground. What does that ground have to say?

In addition the shiva Linga (or lingam) and the yoni should always go hand in hand as balance . This also depicts the union of the male and female energies or the Shiva, Shakti and Kali principles. They also believe that the lingam and yoni are united like the chakra or the wheel with the linga as the axis and the yoni as the circle of life.

Kowloon Walled City Temple Pagoda Carpenter Road Park
Kowloon Walled City Temple Pagoda Carpenter Road Park

If blood is applied to the Lingam or Yoni in great excess then it is said that destruction and rebirth of the current age can be brought forward by bringing Kali or Shiva into the world to destroy and create.

Walled City: Bloodsport of the Wild

Newton Arnold Vampire Bloodsport Director
Newt Arnold, Directors Guild Member and respected amongst the Hollywood elite, Newt chose to keep a low profile and make vampire movies in Asian, once making a movie in less overcrowded but squalid Manilla.

Blood wasn’t a hard thing to come by in Walled City since it was largely lawless. The police didn’t venture in and the Triad gangs were left to run a brutal trade. Could the temples outside hold the key to the mystery? Still a tourist attrction to this day in the nearby Carpenter Road park, the temples are as they were through the time The City of Darkness stood.

Bloodsport Kowloon Walled City Vampires
Bloodsport Kowloon Walled City’s claim to fame. The Newt Arnold movie that brought attention to the secretive project.

Was Newt Arnold, secretive respected second director sending out a signal with his Frank Dux biopic starring Jean Claude Van Damme? Bloodsport was the only movie that Newt worked on that wasn’t in some way related to blood in the horror sense and it wasn’t short of its mystic elements with the secretive tournament held inside the dark city and Budhist alter facing the arena.

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