Steven Spielberg, Crispin Glover, Kubrick and Legalities

Crispin Hellion Glover

Satanic subliminal suggestions and the ever increasing elephant in the room that is Spielbergs rumoured activities with children on the set of movies and beyond are the questions raised by an essay Crispin Glover posted and then removed from his website.

Download Crispin Glovers Essay on Spielberg, Children and more…

The essay from Glover in 2003 makes accusations that have been industry rumour for a long time but are largely unreportable due to the might of the figures involved.

Lolita, Stanley Kubrick and Spielberg

Lolita, Spielbergs choice to mention this movie when paying homage to Kubrick and Michael Jackson are all things mentioned in the essay which remains something of an enigma since Glover himself is hardly saintly.

Crispin Glovers madcap performance as The Thin Man and Willard were the same role in all but definition. Glover is something of an enigma within Hollywood circles and remains a polarising figure to this day.

Satanic Steven Spielberg is quite a leap from the man who makes movies about Peter Pan and children getting lost but escaping danger. Glover points this finger while his own lifestyle, movies and Instagram have a tone that seems to glorify the very same things he seems to decry in Spielberg.

Is this a real animosity? Are they secretly friends now? Is this the style he writes his essay in? Does his instagram contain troubling images? Did his father star in a disturbing movie about psychological trauma suppression of children called ‘Bless the Beasts and Children’? Are Glover and Spielberg pretending to be at odds?

Crispin Glovers father

Crispin Glover, Kubricks Lolita

Lolita from Vladimir Nabakovs novel is a very strange leap by Spielberg who described it as a movie about “hope”, something that Glover marks out in his series of questions in the essay on Spielberg. Steven Spielberg made a very strange choice in marking this movie out as Kubricks filmography is beset with a very cold depiction of humans while hidden messages and subliminal speculation on these same movies is almost a sport to film buffs.

spielberg crispin glover lolita

It’s very interesting to see Glover go to and fro on this himself as he is a man under authority in Hollywood and hasn’t starred in anything of note for a while, instead opting for his own productions that contains bizarre satanic overtones.

crispin glove what is it steven spielberg
Crispin Hellion Glovers movie goes where Todd Browning killed his career. Using handicapped people in a horror movie.
crispin glover steven spielberg staged enemies
Ritual abuse and other satanic themes seem to be Crispin Glovers body of work at large

Staged Enemies, Crispin Glover and Steven Spielberg

Spielberg hasn’t commented on Glover nor his statements suggesting private liaisons with young boys were a part of Steven Spielbergs past.

The truth seems to be that the false enemies agenda is part of a larger narrative being staged by Spielberg and Glover, very much friends and if Glover is to be believed on both counts, of the same mind.

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