Are Freemasonry, Jehovah Witness and Mormonism the same thing?

YES! Outside of Joseph Smith being a Freemason and Charles Taze Russell making watered down criticisms of Masonry (only to be outed later), there are many similarites between the doctrines and subtle hints in older literature, particularly the masonic Watchtower mag that the JW church throw out there.

joseph smith mormons lds freemasonry

“It has always been disconcerting that the Masons are so adept at smokescreens. The leader of the Anti-Masonic political party in the 1830-1840’s turned out to be a Mason. Both C.T. Russell and J. Rutherford printed material that was less than favorable to Freemasonry. And yet I now know that C.T. Russell was a Freemason, a Knights Templar. I also know that Rutherford worked intimately with Freemasons who were his good friends.”

Political prisoner and Christian, Fritz Springmeier. 
CT Russell Pyramid Freemasonry Grave
Being buried underneath a highly masonic pyramid with a separate capstone was always going to raise eyebrows. CT Russell perhaps figured that throwing out fake criticism of Masonry would be enough. Not to gloss over this!

This is a superlarge topic so it’s going to get it’s own category and more given to each bonkers portion.

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