Mystic Philippines: Iglesia ni Cristo, Baphomet, Freemasonry, Jehovah Witness and Disney

Esoteric Philippines knowledge is so rich and full in running through the conflicted Eastern mysticism and Western Christian culture that the awkward duality of those two very different forces emerges in almost every walk of life.

iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult
iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult
One rumour that turned out to be quite false was the famous Quabalistic (kaballa, kaballah, cobblers, shoemaker) Jewish director, Stanley Kubrick was involved in directing the architecture.

Iglesia ni Cristo follows Jehovah Witness and Mormonism as yet another strand of very vague Christianity that appears to be mysticism in disguise. Unlike the JW who guard the truth that they are essentially Masonic under a very rigid type of Christ denying Christianity (and highly efficient recruitment campaign), Iglesia ni Christo are extroverts.

Baphoment, Freemasonry, Saturns Cube, Solomon, Sun Worship and believe it or not there is more inside what has to be considered the Swiss Army Knife of esoteric emblems.

baphomet freemasonry solomon iglesia ni cristo
Iglesia Ni Cristo contains Baphoment, Freemasonry, Saturns Cube, Solomon and Sun Worship to name a few of it’s thinly veiled affiliations. The aim isn’t to hide, they seek to push the boundaries of the esoteric to the point that it’s very nearly not hidden.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Divine Form Filling

Without ever mentioning any of the obvious esoteric signs within it logo, INC falsely claims to be the one true church and the revival of the original church of Christ, and again obviously that all other Christian churches are apostates, wrong and are decieved by Satan (who is there inside of there logo as proof I guess). INC doctrine claims that the official registration of the church with the local government of Quezon on July 27, 1914 by a young Felix Y. Manalo after a long wait in line is upheld by its members to be a divine municipal record (filed properly the next day due to short staff) and the last message from the last messenger of God. Manalos form filling is the apex of this divine providence and true fulfillment of biblical prophecy concerning the registering and establishment of yet another church that claims exclusivity although because of the divine form filling, this is known to be truth.

iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult
Although looking like a hungry cyclops, this is actually one of the lesser temples of humble worship owned and approved by divine form filling.

Iglesia ni Cristo Shunning

Like their secret cousins, Jehovah Witnesses and The Watchtower mag they practice ex-communication for members who fall away or disagree with doctrines. This isn’t a case of people praying for you to come back, leaving has consequences and you will be shunned, avoided, fall into social prison and basically will need to find some new friends. Iglesia ni Cristo hold the position that just as Christ would have shunned someone who struck up a relationship with someone who wasn’t a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo cult Philippines or drank alcohol, they too much follow this.

iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult
Uplifting and humble structures mark out the young one true church.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Divine Rapture Kidnapping and Schism

Around mid 2015, internal family squabbles (that both sides blamed on Satan in the other) challenged the church. This came to pass when Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo, the brother of current divinely chosen executive minister, Eduardo V. Manalo, and their overbearing Philippines mother, Cristina “Tenny” Manalo, the widow of former divinely assigned executive minister Eraño G. Manalo, was given divine election to upload a video to YouTube alleging that Gods Most Holy INC administration had threatened their lives and that there has been a mass kidnapping of ministers who some say were potentially raptured early. The Iglesia ni Cristo, however, denied the claims of kidnapping and didn’t comment on the early rapturing. In July 23, 2015, Elder Eduardo V. Manalo who was acting upon a divine instruction from God, expelled his two brothers, one of three sisters, and overbearing mother for allegedly trying to create a plurality of elders in the church as per the Bible but with the intent of taking over the church’s leadership from him.

iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult
Taking a nod from Disneys “The Little House” (see below) and JW Kingdom halls, this new divinely approved but slightly smaller (California doesn’t allow for the spaceships due to parachutits and only one small spire got approval) meeting house in Oxnard shows how the small friendly cult has spread.

Iglesia ni cristo Palaces & Temples

Although not enshrined into doctrine, many registered, monitored and financially invested members of Iglesia ni Cristo Corporation hold the allowance by local planners to be a further miracle. With their humble but terrifying space ship looking buildings dotted around the Philippines that seem to take the esoteric eyes of JW, add a third and then make them gigantic, salvation is at hand for many. (but also lost if shunned or payments to the Most Holy Subscriptions Office cease).

iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult
Iglesia ni Cristo along with a few other cults like JW and such have a large complex and temple in Quezon City, a place which is like one of Dubais freeports for investors but for secret societies in disguise.
Parachuting has been judged ill advised by locals who feel that despite being the one true church, healing isn’t readily available since they do not hold to the trilogy and have downgraded Christ a little.

This growing one true church of Christ as was intended to be in Philippines through divine form filling and seems to be finding new believers with its mulitple opportunities logo for Freemasons, devil worshippers and maybe ten or more groups stitched into it’s crafty logo.

Overpopulation & Iglesias Ni Cristo

Manilla has the largest overpopulation problem on the planet but Iglesias Ni Cristo has large churches and HUGE parking spaces and field for the many people to come and visit to guarantee eternal life (that is only eternal if you’re attendance). The non selfish approach of the Church eldership is refreshing because there is nothing worse than arriving at church after sleeping with 4 other people in your bed just to find that the church is just as packed.

iglesia ni cristo overhead slum

iglesia ni cristo cult philippines freemasonry jehovah witness baphomet christian cult

7 thoughts on “Mystic Philippines: Iglesia ni Cristo, Baphomet, Freemasonry, Jehovah Witness and Disney


    I now call them the “Church of Darkness” – after years of observing some of their members. None of them can handle any light, they run and hide from any conversation about unfolding world events. They don’t want to hear nothing! And to quote the white guy within the Regina INC congregation who stated as such “dont lend an ear to any outside voices..” (something like that- watch the Fifth Estate follow up story) I say to him, as a white guy who married a Filipina (devout INC member) well, you sir are an utter FOOL. The job of this church is to keep the people well pacified and entertained, hearing no truth whatsoever, to remain in utter darkness, shunning those close to them who revel in truth and watchmen of world events, these members kept in darkness to the point they will not know what hit them when the WRATH COMETH. We are warned profusely of deception, and to those who remain willingly ignorant – woe unto you! Furthermore, the upper levels of this organization not christian at all, in fact I believe they are Freemason, living the high lavish lifestyle, and will defend their empire at all costs including alleged kidnappings, attempted murder and MURDER! Edward V Manalo is no man of God! And their fake end time “message” is especially arrogant when the scriptures say different – the end time message appears IN THE WEST, and that has taken place in the WEST, but these arrogant shrieks think they are it! My Lord, millions of absolute lost souls on the hands of this polished multi millionaire impostor posing as Heavenly, as it is evident their God is Lucifer!! Imagine the “faithful” – kissing the ring of this person like he’s some kind of God….and when they pray, they engage in the Idolatry of this man!

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    • Heather Davidson says:

      I recently joined last yr in 2020 and Ive realised now that they are a cult. I looked up their insignia and it is most definitely free mason and satanic. Ive noticed they dont preach jesus, they only have a select verses they preach all the time and dont preach on a wide variety of topics from the bible. More so they take scripture out of context and twist it to fit their narrative and their are so far from biblical. Im supposed to be getting baptised here in another month but I think I will start going back to my old church as the preaching is truth and the worship service isnt dull.
      Ive also noticed a lack of Holy Spirit presence in that church. They are decieved and will not attain eternal life.


      • Ralph Christian says:

        It’s definitely a weird org but it’s more bully cashgrab than cult. You can leave but start talking about them and they get heavy.

        Their symbols are hermetic/Masonic and they are essentially a vessel of confusion to keep you from discovering true spirituality,


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