Dreamtrips : The Mystic MLM company loved by Jehovah Witness from WorldVentures Mini Review

WorldVentures will flip your expectations and preconceived ideas you have about MLM upside down and vice-versa!

Pyramid scheme is something that the Dreamtrips, the strangely cult like travel club who charter you in for everything from a strut about a Greek Temple, visiting the ornate Masonic buildings of New York to even the markets in Jerusalems Old City. When you see the numbers in attendance at the bizarrely enthusiastic conferences (that don’t allow any filming) it’s easy to feel that there may be something to it instead of the usual durge associated with Multi-Level-Marketing sales.

jw masonic worldventures dreamtrips pro-israel pyramid scheme magic lady nancy lieberman kaballa YSBH
“Magic Lady” from Phoenix Nancy Lieberman poses with the team and the “You should be here!” signs that you often see.

Phoenix Mercury’s retired basketball star, Nancy “Lady Magic” Lieberman is one of many celebs to throw their weight behind Dreamtrips and World Ventures. This is a fact you will get told over and over along with information about how New York born Jew Lieberman and the many Jewish members are not prejudiced as World Ventures haven’t bowed to international pressure and political correctness in doing so. Ex-Scientologist Leah Remani was only recently involved in the launch of a joint charity venture with WorldVentures Foundation and Nancy Lieberman Foundation to launch safe basketball courts at Long Beach, USA.This I have respect for, so far so good.

jw masonic worldventures dreamtrips pro-israel pyramid scheme robert kyosaki
The popular bootcamp events that get resellers motivated and wild are almost always at the best locations to take in the history of the area. Tasteful is the name of the game.

While not a member myself, my wife is as are her friends who take regular pilgrimages of a sort to the various classic areas in and around Europe while collecting bazillions of photos to share on social media. Fishermans walk Budapest, Florence, Madrid and a bunch of places that cover the full range of the classic architecture and masonry of a better time. It makesa refreshing change for an agency to be pushing this sort of historical and engaging trip instead of packages to the Mediterranean. What me and the wife know about architecture and Masonry after just a few trips that featured temples, arches and the very best Europe has to offer in this regard.

jw masonic worldventures dreamtrips pro-israel pyramid scheme katy perry
Katy Perry is one of many celebs behind the movement.
jw masonic worldventures dreamtrips pro-israel pyramid scheme mark zuckerberg
Controversial Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg is apparently a proponent of the Dreamtrips movement. Whether he still is isn’t known and it’s likely the cheap prices of flights and trips to historically rich masonry won’t factor in this on account of him being rather rich.

Jehovahs Witnesses seem to like WorldVentures and on the Dreamtrips I went on with my wife and her friends, we did encounter many JW’s who are always friendly and polite. My understanding is that being a pro-Israel company and going against the grain of political correctness scores big points with the Watchtower magazine loving Christians known for their effective door to door evangelising. They are also known to be big fans of MLM and aren’t too bothered about the pyramid tag which may or may not be related to their fascination with the Giant Pyramid of Giza. How a Christian group has a theology that even involve that thing is beyond my limited mind but I shall check with the wife all the same.

Well a friend of mine introduce me WorldVentures, a traveling company based in US that sells holidays destination in low prices for their members. So he wanted to recruit me in WorldVentures and become a representative. There was meeting and a video presentation (well everyone looked happy, because in just few months they found the perfect job that gives them money and prestige). It looked like to me a meeting of JW’s that everyone smiles, shows happy because they found the PERFECT job and they earn a LOT of money.

From Jehovahs-Witness.com
jw masonic worldventures dreamtrips pro-israel pyramid scheme
One way to look at it is that perhaps JW, Dreamtrips and Israel are all groups that are unfairly judged before they are heard and in there is unity.

WorldVentures Jehovahs Witness membership numbers wouldn’t be available to me to verify the actual number as firstly I am not a member (the wife is and does many girly holidays with other memebers) but most importantly it’s unlikely that question would be asked of a member joining up.

Perhaps I just happen to run into JW members on the Dreamtrips that I did but I suspect that it’s naturally forming and not engineered or targeted marketing. JW are very pro-Israel which goes against the popularly held belief that the Jewish people are occupying the land of Israel and it’s actually Palatines land. WorldVentures are likely a company that JW members instantly feel attracted to since they are currently under largescale oppression in countries like Russia.

Simply put, JW and WorldVentures have aligned on that issues and quite coincidentally, JW members quite wisely don’t hold anything against companies that use a pyramid or MLM structure. The stigma attached to this business model is ridiculous. There is a difference between MLM, pyramid business models and the Ponzi scheme, the latter being unsustainable, the former two being a model that Microsoft and large companies like Google resell using.

jw masonic worldventures dreamtrips pro-israel pyramid scheme
Berlin Square is one of few trips from the successful company that showcase the classic architecture and Corinthians pillar design of a better time.

Dreamtrips from WorldVentures might not be a company I have decided to join but I don’t do the level of holidays that my wife does with her chums. What does impress me though is the maverick style that goes against many stigmas and understood norms to deliver a product that has the most unlikely of fans and a trend towards offering architecturally excellent locations.

If you holiday alot then this is for you. If you holiday alot and support Israel then you need this in your life. If you holiday alot, support Israel and you’re a JW then I venture that you’re a member already and if not might want to have a good look at it.

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