Synchronicity Gallery: Angry Birds, Freemasonry, The Phoenix and Royal Arches

witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch phoenix
The Phoenix rising from the ashes is the image of the return of witchcraft after she was burned to death at Salem.
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Originally called “Rovio Mobile” the company trimmed their name to “Rovio” which in Finnish, the native tongue of the companies base in Finland means “Pyre” which is a “a combustible heap for burning a dead body as a funeral rite” hence FUNERAL PYRE.
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
The Pyre is an ancient rite for disposal of a body that many pagan religions like Hinduism are campaigning be returned as a right. Crematoriums do not allow open air burnings.
Google Kowloon Carpenter Road Park Bike Park Owl
Google Kowloon Carpenter Road Park Bike Park Angry Birds
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch watchmen
The Watchmen movie, a graphic novel steeped in references to End Times and the gay agenda to bring forth a levelling of the earths population to a managable level under a Goddess and homosexual One World Order.
masonic art owl Francia Bigio witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Esoteric, speculative and the Francia Bigio Last Supper certainly contains the owl symbology and central vanishing point. Regardless of the denomination, Philippines families will ALWAYS have a Last Supper image up for the reference of the bird in all copies.
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Salem to Disney and back to Salem
UCL Modesto Church witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
UCL Church, a Hollywood coven with famous names like Ian McCellan and others involved as ministers. It preaches that all Gods and Angels (and that means ALL, Lucifer included) should be worshipped within their walls.
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Scenes from Darren Aaranofskys The Wrestlers (about Randy The Ram) and The Actors Studio NY
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch hitchcock
Angry Birds house + actual angry birds in Hitchcocks movie, The Birds. Hitchcocks movie has many references to Witchcraft, some very direct and Daphne Du Maurier herself was a witch who laced themes into her books at a time when female craeft wasn’t tolerated.
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch watchtower
The Birds in Hitchcocks movie, the watchtower in the background. The watchtower is the cultish magazine promoted by the aggressive recruiters and thinly veiled Freemason, Jehovahs Witness
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Solomons Temple was an early Angry Bird that the Freemasons apparently await the rebuilding of despite many of the thinly veiled versions of their Jewish Mysticism based faith using it (seventh day adventism, Jehovahs witness, Mormonism)
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Madrid Arch is a pretty cool Angry Bird
witchcraft pyer angry birds royal arch
Temple Madrid just near the Royal Arch in Madrid. Note the crowns on the eye portions denoting that this is indeed royal.
order of the eastern star
It’s often the case that two faces are hidden within Masonic Tracing boards hence the book, “The Two Faces of Freemasonry” by John Daniel. The upper angry bird face being the first. Note the pentacle on the floor, a reference to the female masons, “The Order of the Eastern Star”
greenwich green witch village NY
The Royal Arches Angry Bird face at Greenwich village or Green Witch as it’s known which is a reference to the all encompassing Green Witch who harnesses all forces of the others stands proud as a monument to the inauguration of George Washington, the first Freemason President of the USA.

Today, Greenwich Village is known for hosting annually the worlds largest Halloween parade.

Note the Watchtower in the background.
jehovahs witness watchtower witchcraft
Victory Baptist Church in Blackpool has the Jehovahs Witness style build with a watchtower nearby.
seventh day adventist cult angry birds church
This Angry Bird looking Church belongs to the Seventh Day Adventists, a Faux-Christian cult that seeks to promote love of the earth and “Vibes” and “Energy” that are alien to anything Christ taught.
Japanese Shrine with an angry bird face doubled up below.
freemasonry esoteric symbology
Washingtons hands intended to make up the Masonic subliminal of the eyes and beak of an owl, a consistent theme in their esoteric symbology.
Tarot is one of tbe modern enclaves of Witchcraft symbology and the Goddess is associated with the bird, generally the Phoenix.
Stephen Colbert Devils Hand Signal Angry Bird

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