An article sent to us by a Christian from Suffolk, UK.

Ever feel like you’re the sacrificial lamb? I’m quickly finding out that certain strains of Christianity aren’t Christianity. They are something else…something I am finding it hard to identify.

My wife is currently in the process of de-fellowshipping me with intense nastiness and rude behaviour and has turned my children against me who after a day away with her culty friends are now very distant.

Not only that, I am finding that many of the practices in her church are very contrary to scripture. Many proclamations. What I hear sounds a great deal like Jewish Mysticism. She even has odd robes that they all wear with Mandalas.

It’s a case of defellowshipping me now. My wife will continue to be vile until I go back to this strange cult she is involved in.

Very distressing.


This article from a Christian in Suffolk, a rural part of the UK is one that really should strike a chord with anyone caught in a cult. We encourage contact from anyone trapped inside thinly veiled versions of Christianity that are occult drivens cults. Any comments or prayers to encourage this person are welcome.

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