Christianity, the cult and the clandestine – A personal article

An article sent to us by a Christian from Suffolk, UK.

Many moons ago, when an atheist due to disillusionment with Catholicism but more so the born again church my wife had chosen that seemed to have an unusual hold over her, I came upon a few oddities.

One thing that strikes me about Christianity over say, Jehovahs Witness or other satanic looking entities posing as Christianity like Igelsia ni Christo is that when you leave your hand will be shaken and, a kind word of blessing will be given to you, God speed will you be told and the door of friendship and worship shall remain open. Both Iglesia ni Christo and Jehovahs Witness will shun you and socially cast you out which is contrary to Biblical scripture unless you’re doing eisegesical acrobatics with scripture.

iglesia ni christo satanic born again
Iglesia ni Christo is a very thinly veiled pagan version of Christianity that has doctrines that simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

The falling out I had with a supposed Born Again church run by Filipinos took a very sinister tone. I was not allowed to enter the doors of the church service (held at a local hopsital) due to it being “Not part of the process”, a description I haven’t ever managed to work out and various other threats.

The Pastors wife told me on a number of occasions, “We will have those children back, be sure of that —–” (name removed) which worried me no end. What interest did they have in my children as Christians? Surely the man and woman are head of the family as per Genesis 1-3.

However, what really struck a chord and actually put the fear of God into me which ended up with me joining for a number of years were very polarised statements made by “elders” and “Deacons” at the time.

You never know what those children will say do you —–. So hard to tell, isn’t it?

Deacon in charge of Childrens ministry

Along with lovebombing me at the same time I was subjected to a near cut off of communications and finance. My wife stole my bank card and keys, hid my chargers and I ended up losing my contracts I held and in need of support. The only hand offered was the “Church”.

I wrote many things off as part of the breakdown I ended up experiencing but a few could never be explained. Coincidences, utterences and other such things. I never forget what I can’t explain and I held to the view that I kept silent for years that I had been duped. Keeping that quiet was key.

During my time at the Philippines lead Church that was made up of ex JW, ex Iglesia ni Christo and many related to other questionable Philippines Churches who had apparently “Seen the light”, I ran into doctrinal issues with them alot. There was a tendency to keep away from the truth of scripture and “Stick to the simple stories” as I was told on one occasion. I do have an obsessive nature and ran at Christianity in a way most wouldn’t. I found the deeper truths of the Bible and excitedly wanted to go into them but found a very stern wall of resistance.

That truth broke down a wall that I now know I should have poked at earlier. The Christianity they practiced wasn’t the same as the Biblical Truth I had found. The Philippines as a nation were originally a pagan nation who were force fed Christianity through Catholicism and learned very quickly how to maintain their beliefs under the disguise of Christianity. This is why the witchcraft in Philippines is always mixed in with Islam and Christianity in a way that seems impossible elsewhere.

I again sit here estranged from the church. A church I cannot attend due to its stances on things I know to be false. A church that takes against leaving. A church that threatened me that “It will have my children”.

God help me.

This article from a Christian in Suffolk, a rural part of the UK is one that really should strike a chord with anyone caught in a cult. We encourage contact from anyone trapped inside thinly veiled versions of Christianity that are occult drivens cults. Any comments or prayers to encourage this person are welcome.

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