End Times: Noah’s Ark, Freemasonry and Lodge Portico Carpentry

Without even picking up a bible or know a single verse of End Times scripture you can know something is changing in the way that akin to firework fuse burns down or the a rolllercoaster goes from clicks to chaos. We are clearly in a new phase of the age, many would say End Times or a reset. A quick look around this increasingly bonkers world with over 500 genders, witchcraft and the feminine dominance it brings incoming, extraordinarily loud, fast paced Machiavellian politics that resembles nothing at any other time, AI and it’s vague presence and the general speeding up of life as knowledge increases but our emotional intelligence hasn’t quite kept up.

End times? Crazy Times suggests so

Truth is becoming secondary to trending causes, everything from Veganism to Hippy culture have become radicalised and the population problem is compounding as we steadily make progress trying to make our own black hole or bring through a Hindu Diety at CERN.

freemasonry portico lodge noah ark mary jesus
Although beautifully rendered the Florentine artists weren’t entirely honest with their depictions of Mary and Jesus.

Ten years back to speak of End Times seemed alien, a time that may or may not come in my children or childrens life time but as Biblical prophecies bounce out and suddenly make sense at an alarming rate it’s a good time to look at what happened last time and who is making similar noises.

Noah and the Freemasons murmurs

Noah was the last guy to survive an End Times disaster and the croup who have The Ark and Noah laced into their unreasonable indecipherable mythology, The Freemasons and their increasing number of faces.

In light of this is it time to knock on your local Masonic Lodge door and request membership? To liken yourself to the Ark and be wildly secretive with apparent pre-flood knowledge mixed into the writings, some might say , YES!

freemasonry portico lodge noah ark
Note the roof structure as the esoteric codex hidden in plain sight

Eagle eye esoteric spotting

While it’s an entire other topic and quite a good one, in part the codex that the Freemasons used has involvement with the Florentine Renaissance and their factory copy approach to spreading art and ideas as a early form of cultural coercion. That they managed to put horns on Moses, persuade everyone that Mary is the mother of God and to be held up highest but worst of all, Jesus was either a baby or a incredibly effeminate man is as amazing as it is deplorable. However, some things like the Lodge Portico carpentry was slipstreamed into their rather bizarre religions pictures of Jesus inside a Greek temple or as an incredibly fat baby with a blonde Jewish Mother.

Demonology Witchcraft Lodge Porch Portico Tsimtsum

We have put together a collection that covers this fascinating connection. Anything we have wrong or have missed out just pop it in a comment or drop us an email.

freemasonry portico lodge noah ark

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