Retro Review: Halloween 3 III Season of the Witch

No Hollywood, that’s a bad Hollwood…

Of all of the thinly veiled hints that coercion is for sale at the right price, Halloween 3 is one of the most blatant but just like an inflatable tube man, it might get seen but doesn’t work in all cases. Hamfisted 80s directing on a topic that deals with subtle persuasion was like getting

“Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Happy, happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!” Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a movie that is either loved or hated among horror fans but most hate it and are justified in doing so and those with a fondness dig the excessive comedy gore. First off, the oaf that is Michael Myers isn’t in it, and why they didn’t just call it something else is beyond me but they did slip it in as a bastard cukoo member of the Halloween franchise.

Written and directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, a man who out Pennywise on the map first time around in the IT Mini-Series for TV . Although horror genius, John Carpenter, didn’t write this one, he did produce it along with Debra Hill and it was the first of the Halloween movies to not fall under the slasher category. Carpenter had intended to make an anthology with each movie taking place around October 31st. Every story would have a different setting, storyline, and characters and Seasons of the Witch was to kick this off. Sadly, though, the movie did badly at box office and was panned by critics, putting an end to that idea forever. Evenually back came Michael and the rest is history.

Kids, masks, Halloween and an actual plan that’s kinda coming true in a muted manner….but no Michael Myers and unintentional comedy ruined the anthology idea for the franchise.

The plot for Halloween 3 shows promise. Daniel Challis, a doctor in a northern California hospital, treats a scared old man named Harry Grimbridge who screams “They are going to kill us!” while clutching a Halloween mask from a popular mask company. The story revolves around a large scale media driven plot by Witches to get the consciousness of children therefore the future and drive in the season of the witch that got cut short via burnings at the stake a few hundred years back.

Yup, this movie is clearly throwing out an agenda while being accidentally comical. The sinister truth is that regardless of how well this movie did it’s prophetic nature render something of a classic…just one you would be happy to know exists and not watch.

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