Brussels, a Masonic View of the EU and from Autocracy to Connections to Parks and Recreations

Freemasonry is normally uttered within the first ten words of any conversation when NWO, single world government or shadowy overlords looking to centralise the world affairs comes up.

brussels bable strasbourg freemasons
Hardly an attempt to subvert suspicion of ancient overlords.

The EU is a shapeshifting entity that everyone with one fifth of a brain knew was not just a friendly yellow and blue customs union as it offered to be a sort of Mormon happy babysitter of awkward laws in the years running up to where we are now. We never trusted the prozac grin wearing “don’t mind us, it’s just the silly EU project” milling about in the background being over helpful and poked fun at.

Atomium Belgium Brussels Kabbala Tree of Life
The Atomium in Belgium on a large leyline in Brussels in actually the Kabbalist Tree of Life

With Brussels and Strasbourg it’s best to pull back, look at what’s in play and view the bigger picture instead of just the granular street level bickering of MEPs, opinionated journalists and others involved.

See below our collection of things that are definitely worth considering in view of where we are could be heading with the current EU shape.

Brussels Freemasons architecture overhead view owls compass

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