Freemason Batman: A Masonic rumour that wont go away, Zack Snyder Edition

Freemasonry and Batman seem to have an eternal link due to the secrecy of the caped crusader. From the comics to a wider view of the rumour you do have the very real Masonic membership of Warner Brothers founders, the Jewish Wonskolaser brothers (changed to Warner) from Poland whos company have crafted many movies linked to Jewish esoteric kaballa, worked with almost every directors with Jewish lineage and then long history of producing Batman movies. Mentioned in the writings of Manly P Hall, Warner Brothers has become known as the studio that “Warns Brothers” as in “Warns Masonic Brothers” so while not exclusively just them, a studio rumoured to be distributing a coded esoteric message to Freemasonry through the Warners Brothers branded movies.

zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry
The image that’s often seen on Masonic facebook groups isn’t really revealing anything unless you look a little closer. Our montage below drills a little way into that but it’s bordering on red herring. The real truth is within the death of Bruces parents and his decision to go undercover, something many Masons are. Denial of any lodge connection is common.
batman freemasonry esoteric hidden meaning winding stair

Zack Snyder started his career with the zombie apocalypse movie remake, Dawn of the Dead. His work on that End Times movie led to an opportunity to translate 300, the Frank Miller graphic novel based upon the 300 spartans at war with a very occult drenched Persia (modern day Iran). As a comic book fan and having been raised in Freemasonry linked Christian Science beliefs that use elements of the Zohar and Kabballah, Snyder is known for his striking visuals and ability to slipstream themes and symbology that are hiding in plain sight.

zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry christian science
Zack Snyder was raised within a Christian Science framework which has its roots in Freemasonry and then of course Kabballah (Quaballah, Cobblers, Enochian Magick)
zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry watchmen HBO
At the time of writing, unreleased HBO series of The Watchmen which appears to be broadening the themes and story out to a wider mythology appears to be continuing with the Freemasonry and Kaballah themes are can be seen with the tilted crucifix and royal arch ferment imagery in the background of this HBO Watchmen promo shot.

Still with the Warner Brothers (who it’s rumoured warn Masonic brothers), he then adapted the Alan Moore Watchmen, a near impossible task that could never satisfy the fans of Witchcraft Wizard, Moore due to the very deep mythology of the Watchmen and it’s prophetic and esoteric expanse. Nevertheless, Snyder called in his every reserve of ability with visuals, symbology and narrative ability along with letting his inner fanboy guide instead of blind to produce a very respectable stab at Alan Moores prophetic graphic novel. Watchmen, the graphic novel is itself steeped in esoteric symbology of Witchcraft and Kaballah but with Alan Moore, a self styled “Wizard” and “Anarchist” (his own words), the rights could have gone to no other studio and were well trusted with the right man in Snyder.

zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry batman superman
Zack Snyders Batman vs Superman starts with imagery that should strike a chord with a mason and interest in those who recognise the esoteric symbology used in tracing boards and movies directed by Freemasons.

Zack Snyders Batman vs Superman movie was overdue by a good number of months and ran into something Warner Brothers seem to be associated with in unusually high number, studio meddling. Freemason and Hollywood Kaballah British director Ridley Scott had his Bladerunner movie altered into a mess by Warner Brothers only for the directors cut to appear many years later in what now looks like a staged conflict in order to stager versions of the movie. Only in the last few years has a complete directors cut that can be called a directors cut been released. With Warner Brothers again at it with Snyders critically reviled overlong movie and an outcry from fans to release the version he intended this again smells like a staged dispute and for reasons known only to Warner Brothers and Snyder, the directors cut will be with us.

batman v superman zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry
The funeral attendees to the Waynes funeral appear to be walking towards a masonic temple which appears to fit in with the Masonic codex of two faces hiding in plain sight within architecture and symmetry.
mickey returning home actors studio
This shot is echoed in Kaballah obsessed Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler where again, CGI is used to create symmetrical Masonic style locations being approached, in this case by Mickey Rourke as “Randy The Ram” (in thicket?) in a role where he returned to Mystic acting school, The Actors Studio NY.

In the opening shot of the funeral a young Bruce Wayne runs away from the funeral party and away from the Masonic Temple they all appear to be moving towards. This is a theme that echoes the code of silence many Freemasons have towards the craft/craeft in that they deny any knowledge of Freemasonry, even membership. Many Freemasons stick with a story that they attended, saw things they didn’t like (often occult or devilworshiping thus deepening and muddying the fiercely protected truth of Freemasonry) and then left or were warned never to return. Anyone who knows someone from a family that has a masonic ancestors will have heard stories like this or variations of it. Bruce Wayne is a typecast of this same method of covert operative or hidden agent in that he is never revealed for who he truly is and operates in the shadows under the cover of a disguise that never reveals his true identity of Batman.

zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry batman superman
Ever the stylist and CGI loving director, Zack Snyder creates a Masonic Temple styled mansion in the background.

As with almost all other Batman movie adaptations, Bruce is seen with little to no family and as a child thus representing an entered apprentice to Freemasonry as he runs from the guests or Alfred to be alone in his suffering and torment at the loss of his parents.

zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry
The dual lunette window eyes watch over the young Bruce Wayne, a symbology relating to children followed in other Warner Brothers movies
zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry the shining lunette eyes
Rumoured 33rd Degree Scottish Right Freemason Stanley Kubrick used the lunette eye window symbology in The Shining which much like Zack Snyders movie deals with troubled or lost youth in those scenes where it’s present.

Without even going many frames further it’s clear that this movie is drenched in Masonic and Qaballah symbology and to list every one of them would take weeks. What can be said is that it looks cut in a way that much like Ridley Scotts Bladerunner, the best version is intentionally being held back along with the esoteric symbols what isn’t there in the current cut holds.

What is worth noting is the one of the largest references in Bladerunner was the unicorn, a theme he also used in the demonic fantasy movie, Legend. Oh, and the date November 2019, where Bladerunner picks up its story with a shot of jets of fire blasting from an overbuilt futuristic neon Los Angeles. That’s another story mind, must not digress (it’s rather easy to, I’m sure you can appreciate).

zack snyder esoteric movie kaballah freemasonry excalibur mask of zorro dark knight
A neat little nod to both Freemasonry and Dark Knight, Snyder cuts to a flashback of his parents murder as they walk past a cinema showing Excalibur and The Mask of Zorro. A mask and knights.

What could be a nod to the Knights of Columbus, Knights Templar, The Dark Knight (Frank Millers Name for his Batman graphic novel adapted to movie by Christoper Nolan) or Freemasons who have taken the decision to work as agents without any visible connection to the craft, the two posters are “The Mask of Zorro” and “Excalibur”. Zorro is a masked crimefighter, a typecast of Batman and then Excalibur is the mythology of the Knights of the round table and Merlin, a represenation of the early masons and King Solomon.

I would advise anyone interested in esoteric symboogy, the subliminal art of moviecraft or Freemasons themselves (even the ones who claim to not be) to watch this movie and just enjoy the intricate detail that Snyder has gone to in order to pack it to to the brim with as much kabbalah and Masonic imagery that you could even call it a moving tracing board.

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