Unmasking the Succubi: A reflection for TODAY on the legend.

Witchcraft of the moon, the female practices of darkness are largely just that, for the female. Although almost all Witchcraft can be traced back to Kaballa, the Zohar and Lilith and practices that thrive in places like Quezon City Philippines and Greenwich Village NY with it’s massive Halloween parade (the biggest in the world) it isn’t just Lilith who channels that spirit of female manipulation, framing of reality and reduction in value of the male to a confined place of his own reality quite contrary to the codex set out by the Judeo Christian God.

reality for succubi is framed around liluth

How dangerous is the spirit of the Succubi? I often look to Stefan Kiszko, the poor man framed for a murder through his lack of knowledge of the world as an educationally subnormal man. Why this man? The power within his mother to prove his innocence is the very antithesis of the female power for justice over what is injustice in the Succubi. An inductive show of truth about the wicked through the good.

Victim of wrongful accusation and then a huge miscairage of justice that left him a shell of a man, Stefans release was fought for by his strong mother, a true Christian who is the antithesis of the modern Succubi.

Today, the phrase “succubus” brings up voluptuous images. Females with long wavy hair, silk skin, and perfect curves. They wear tiny latex costumes, to show their curvaceousness, and they don’t try to hide the signs of their satanic self. Wings, tails, curly rams horns, and shining impossibly coloured contacts eyes are all very common among updated Asian version of the Succubi.

The modern females who hold the ideals of the Succubi and therefore are the succubi through definition are intensely charismatic, almost Christian in their piety and false grace but hold seductive power to match their surface good intentions. Although they purvey a bimbo persona, they are craefty creatures who can beguile men with their rhetoric as much as their physical appearance. When known they turn to a very domineering and vengeful spirit, guaranteed if they are offended, but they run to this position willingly and take huge pride in their abilities to please (and manipulate) men and children for their own agenda.

Lilith is the matriarch of all Succubi. Lilith makes in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Judaic, and Christian mythology and sacred texts

lilitu” makes her first appearance in Sumerian culture as goddess of fertility and all witchcraeft and Qaballa lore. The Assyrians and Babylonians rightfully pigeonholed her with demons. Greek lore gave Lilith “lamia” a more complex backstory as a beautiful woman who was transformed from beauty to monster after attracting Zeus. In her new form, Lamia went up and down and to and fro across the world, tricking men and causing women to practice witchcraft, magick and the practice of eating babies in their youngest possible state to recieve back the gift of youth. Many suspect that the Hollywood driven cults that visibly back Planned Parenthood are covertly in this practice due to the suspicious sales targets for abortions and approach to advice for young women. Abortions are treated like used cars, not a terrible and unfortunate decision.

succubi filipino women modernity

Judeo-Christian texts put a spin on Lilith . They describe her as Adam’s original wife, made at the same time as him. Unlike Eve, Lilith was not a helpful team players of a partner. She refused to honour Adam as her leader or even a partner in work. Instead, she explored on her own and discovered the Red Sea, where the demons were to be found. The unGodly woman found that she preferred the demons more than poor Adam, so she reproduced instead and began “bearing lilim at the rate of more than one hundred per day.” The “lilim” went out into the realms as demons, as sexy and independent as their original mother these became the modern line that is the mapiulative Succubi of TODAY.

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