Freemasons, The Jewish Puppet Show or Hasidic Judaism for the Gentiles?

Jewish mysticism plays a huge part in Freemasons general fakery and misdirection although they without doubt use some level of witchcraft, Feng Shui and Qabalah. What is astounding is that they are such willing puppets to Israel.

The Protocols of Zion

The partially fake protocols are as any good lie would have, partial truth in order to blur the lines of deception. One of the truths embedded within that text is the truth that Freemasons are basically under the control of Israel. The talk of rebuilding Solomons Temple is nothing more than a thinly veiled code for “Rebuild Israel” as a core task with keeping it there being secondary

7. For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the GOY without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning? For what, indeed, if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way what is for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road? It is this which has served as the basis for our organization of SECRET MASONRY WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO, AND AIMS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS SUSPECTED BY, THESE “GOY” CATTLE, ATTRACTED BY US INTO THE “SHOW” ARMY OF MASONIC LODGES IN ORDER TO THROW DUST IN THE EYES OF THEIR FELLOWS

The Protocols of Zion

It’s very important to keep yourself within the boundaries of this truth before any other. As soon as you go beyond it the lines become incredibly blurred as misdirection has been a way of keeping people unsure of the true agenda of the Freemasons. The truth is known but so are so many other so called truths that actually pinpointing where it is through all of the guff they expound about pyramids is hard to track.

While known as “Goy Cattle”, Freemasons certainly are shined upon financially and are cut out of the repressive system setup by the Israeli financial overlords.

Freemasonry, Judaism for Gentiles?

The teachings of the Zohar are something one can spend their whole life searching and getting nowhere or understand within weeks. Esotericism in this form involves connecting concepts that are vague, storytelling that’s cryptic and perceptions of reality all at once. Freemasonry is said by its members to be incredibly tricky to understand and appears on the surface as a blend of truth and fiction that intentionally and prohibitively hard to decipher.

The links between Judiasm, Mystic Judaism of the more Hasidic variant to be exact are undeniable and there is at very least affiliation between the two. This is why it’s often speculated that Freemasonry is Judaism for the gentiles.

2 thoughts on “Freemasons, The Jewish Puppet Show or Hasidic Judaism for the Gentiles?

  1. Pup says:

    I attempted to join freemasonry before I returned to my christian faith. I figured them out pretty quickly. The conspiracies are simply conspiracy. I never witnessed any sort of magical practices or any kabbalistic practices. They were actually all opposed to discussing religion or anything outside of science or drug use. They’re primarily a fraternity for gay men. The square and compass represent sexual intercours and the G, well….. it’s gay. The true master minds behinds satanic usher are the ultra-orthodox jewish communities that literally own all the banks of the world. They’re not the religion of the faith of the Israelites rather they’re the faith of men. They go by the talmud which calls non jews animals and blasphems the holy spirit in words. The talmud is intact the religion of judaism , the old Jewish faith of the old testment was yahwism, judaism was created when the pharisees refused to accept christ and compiled the talmud. The talmud was the compliment of the oral tradition prior to Christ’s sacrifice and prevalent orally at the time of christ. They’re satanic counterfeit jews who basically enslave Hebrews using their faith with there blasphemous compliment


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