Esoterica: Kabbalah, eyes without faces, Kabbalistic astral projecting and the reveal and conceal of Tzimtzum

Kabbalah, Tsimtsum and Esoteric Eyes in Art and Movies

Kabballa and Hasidic Judaism are so closely aligned that you can make a case that one is concealed and one revealed but they are just twins on different parts. The esoteric and open parts of Jewish mysticism are hidden in overcomplicated exposition but the basic concepts aren’t as prohibitive when one digs them out of this thicket of mystery.

Tzimtzum, the renaissance codec and fruity faces

A topic that fascinates many is the strange consistencies within Biblical art that seem to make little sense. Most common but probably noticed least are the eyes in the background watching all that transpires via the methods used overtly by Hyronimous Bosch and Giuseppe Arcimboldo but used more subtly in renaissance Biblical art. These subiminal images appear in everything from Masonic boards to paintings of Noahs Arc. This is no great secret at this point and whether from Dan Browns Da Vinci hints or just observation, it’s revealed but the meaning is still very much concealed. The florentine codecs are intentionally complex and strange so as to keep the true meaning buried within red herring and complexity.

Tsimtsum: The Revel and conceal

One very dense topic within Hasidic Judaism is “Tzimtzum/Tsimtsum” which is only quickly explained as something revealed and then concealed. Another phrase used is “Presence Through Absence”. Allowing the Ein Soph (Gods eternal light that cannot be comprehended by man) to conflate and then take presence quietly by way of symbolic presence is the eventual shorthanded explanation you get to and while it’s buried under over explained metaphors for the most part, it is actually pretty complex.

Cosmic Enochian Kabballa astral projection remote viewing

It’s also speculated that astral projection by Qaballists utilises objects that appear facelike as an almost adoptive set of eyes. The information on this is as sparse as concrete explanations of the Kabballist texts like the Zohar.

Below is a quote from Note the subtle hints towards, eyes, nose and mouth and the anthropomorphic face.

“Primordial Man”

Following this, a third element, a ray from God’s hidden essence (Ein Sof) entered the empty space and acted upon the existing mixture of reshimu and Din. This illuminating ray serves as a permanent link between Ein Sof and the empty space. The form of the divine produced by this first ray of light is termed the “Primordial Man” (Adam Qadmon). The latter is described with vivid anthropomorphic detail.

The lights shining from Adam Qadmon‘s “ears,” “nose,” and “mouth” constituted a collective or perfectly unified structure. But the light issuing from the “eyes” emanated in a different manner. They were atomized or separated into different sefirot so as to require their containment in special vessels or qelim.

The esoteric teaching of Hasidic Judaism points towards the presence of God or G-d as they put it, through hidden anthropomorphic faces.

Owl pictures, baroque swirls making up the horns of the ram and other subliminal images of eyes are certainly very common within the type of material you might suspect such things would appear. Below are examples from a wide range of sources that are possibly occult, tarot or Tsimtsum.

A Ram Hidden in Thicket

Genesis 22 Satan is the Ram in Thicket
Satan deceives Abraham by appearing as an angel. Apostle Paul warns that Satan can and does appear as an angel of light.

Reading the Old Testament using the esoteric teachings of Judaism and many stories of the patriarchs are thrown into a different light. These truths are hard earned but make a great deal of sense when considered that Jesus Christ came and took aim at one set of people. The Jews and their Pharisees.

Freemasonry Secret Membership Rams in Thicket
The “Ram in Thicket” of Genesis 22 as represented by a statue found in the land of UR in Southern Iraq portrays a malevolent Ram who is hiding. Notable are the Wings of Isis and also a golden phallus. This representation matches Pan, a version of Satan who is at one with nature and attracts human women.

While these aren’t particularly easy truths and many Christians are likely to recoil touting “Gods chosen people” and pointing the very truth of Jesus, I say that they simply amplify what he did. He came as one of them and ended the line that had become poisoned over and over by worshiping brass snakes, Baal or Moloch and indulged widespread ritual sacrificing of children on many separate occasions.

The Ram in Thicket and the doctrine of angels has been abused and misused by many different groups and even today new age tarot, a coded version of cryptic Judaism and Kabbala misuse this doctrine.

Hasidic Judaism Mysticism Tsimtsum Revealed Concealed Ein Soph Eyes
Ram in Thicket Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face
the incomplete enchanter esoteric kabbalah eyes
Oddly enough, The Incomplete Enchanter is a fantasy novel about the linking of two different world, the real world that we know and that of the spirits by way of symbolic logic. So basically exactly the bonkers rumour I was told. What are the chances?
symbolic communication spirit world a dictionary of fairies
Is that a face I see lurking there?
Happened only the other week to a neighbour of mine.
eyes without a face kabbala symbolic logic
Hinduism Kabbala splice with a symbolic logic face actually doing what it says on the tin. Note: Rumour is still crackers.
Tsimtsum Hidden Eyes Tetragrammaton
Kabbala and The Brothers Grimm are linked in an almost inseparable manner with the weaving of themes, esoterica and subtle prediction on the level of George Orwells 1984 encoded within nightmarish tales that make Roald Dahl look tame.
Ein Soph Reveal Conceal Tsimtsum Kabbala
Freemasonry Tsimtsum Ein-Soph Hidden Faces
Yes, a hidden face. Hidden in what isn’t known though, only that it isn’t standard face materials.
This greenwitch book does what the one before it fails to do. Look creepy.
Masonic Tracing Board Sun Moon
Masonic Tracing Board Sun Moon
The Shining: Eyes hidden in the elevator numbers by Kabbalist, Stanley Kubrick
The Shining: Eyes hidden in the elevator numbers by Kabbalist, Stanley Kubrick
eyes without a face tzimtzum ein soph kabballa
Unknown source of this rather haunting example of the every present eyes. This is less esoteric but certainly uses the hands as a frown. The Disney Snow White image below uses similar methods but goes full concealed within subliminal esotericism.
Snow White Disney Hidden Eyes Tsimtsum Kabballa Esoterism
Snow Whites from Disney contained not only a whole host of owl images but also hidden eyes that acording to the Jewish Hasidic practice of Tsimtsum are revealed and then concealed. This Cabalistic esotericism is very common in almost all orthodox Jewish beliefs but most commonly in Hasidic teachings.
Ein Soph Tsimtsum Kabballa Esoteric Eyes
Tsimtsum Tzimtzum Ein Soph Eyes Without a Face Kabbalah Hasidic Judaism
zbigniew m bielak kabballa tsimtsum esoteric ein sof
sign of libre johfra bosschart esoteric masonic kabballa qabala tsimtsum
Masonic Lodge Ein Soph Tsimtsum Kabbala
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Stanley Kubrick 2001 As Above so Below Moses Tablets of the Law
Symbology of Masonic Tracing Boards
Freemasons have only a very shallow understanding of their own symbology
zbigniew m bielak ghost absolution kabballa tsimtsum tzimtzum ein sof
Tzimtzum Occult Symbolism Ezekiels Vision
american horror story esoteric kabballa qaballa tzimtzum
Tzimtzum Occult Symbolism Ezekiels Vision
baroque art tsimtsum kabballah hidden eyes
sumatra batak mask indonesia tsimtsum esoteric kabballah witchcraft
The Greatest Showman Tsimtsum Esoteric Kabbala Otherside
Imre Makovecz Esoteric Ein Soph Tsimtsum Qabala Anthropomorphic Architecture
baroque kabballa tsimtsum ein soph
eyes without a face kabballa
kabballa tsimtsum eyes without a face qabala
Eyes Without a Face Baphomet as above so below
the witches 1990 kabballa witchcraft tsimtsum esoteric submilinal freemasonry
Philipines Satanism Paganism Ein-Soph Tsimtsm Rituals
Clive Barker Books of Blood Kabballa Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Cover Art
Weird Tales Vampire Master Pulp Magazine Poster Tsimtsum Kabbalah Qabala
philippines babaylan qabballa witchcraft pagan christianity
Philippines Babaylan Witchcraft has found a friend even with Jehovahs Witnesses as can be seen here with a Philippines Babaylan practising a pagan ritual in the robes often associated with the Freemason based JW church
rosicrusian mysteries tzimtzum kabballa esotericism
Masonic Apron Judaism for Gentiles Tsimtsum
Kabballa Jewish Mysticism Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face
Kabballa Jewish Mysticism Tsimtsum Eyes without a face Japanese
Buddhist Eyes without a face Tzimtzum Lord Shiva Qabala Kabbala
Tzimtzum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Ghost Meliora
Ready Player One As Above So Below Kabbalah
Tzimtzum Eyes without a face Kabbala
Ein Soph Kabbalah Tarot Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face
Asmodeus Alan Moore Ein Soph Tsimtsum Tzimtzum Kabbalah
Tree of Life Gary Soszyynski Kabbalah
Baphomet Artwork As Above So Below
Alchemy Tarot As Above So Below Kabbalah
Tin Can Forest Solstice Einsoph Tsimtsum Eyes without a Face
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Ancient Writing
Moses as above so Below Ein Soph Tsimtsum Esoterica
Tsimtsum Ein Soph Revealed Concealed Jewish Mysticism Kabbala
The Priestess Tarot Kubrick Esoteric Kabbala
Esoteric Exodus Tsimtsum Weird Tales
Tsimtsum Kabbala Einsoph Eternal Light Serpent Owl
Hidden Faces in Architecture Tsimtsum Ein Soph Kabbala
Graumans Egyptian Theatre Esoteric Hidden Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Ein Soph
As Above So Below Ein Soph Kabbala Eyes Without a Face
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Santiago Caruso Esoteric Tsimtsum
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Jehovahs Witness Watchtower Magazine
eyes without a face kabbala tarot ein-soph tsimtsum

But the light issuing from the “eyes” emanated in a different manner
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Midsommar
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Ein Soph Esoteric Tarot Tree of Life
Tzimtzum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Ethiopian Seal
Tsimtsum and Hidden Eyes, A Clockwork Orange
Tsmtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Stanley Kubrick Clockwork Orange
Master Mason Capstone Tsimtsum Two Faces of Masonry

15 thoughts on “Esoterica: Kabbalah, eyes without faces, Kabbalistic astral projecting and the reveal and conceal of Tzimtzum

  1. Jennifer Mugrage says:

    Interesting post and especially an impressive collection of images! I’m very visual, so enjoyed looking at them.

    As for the text of your article, it suggests and hints at many things but doesn’t really flesh them out. I don’t know much at all about Kabbalah. I gather that is a form of the occult as practiced in certain historical parts of Judaism. I guess every large community of people going to have their own occult subculture that crops up.

    But I wonder whether Kabbalism is truly, necessarily tied to orthodox Jewish documents or doctrine. Saying there is a necessary link kind of strikes me as similar to painting all Christians as snake handlers. Or perhaps more like the charge leveled against Christians that the ceremony of communion involves literal human sacrifice and blood-drinking.

    I have also heard through the grapevine that historically, anti-Semitic movements have been driven by the belief (or have utilized the charge) that all Jews are secretly, deeply involved in the occult. Do you have any posts that make a distinction between Jewish flavors of occultism and mainstream, orthodox, or historical Judaism? And do you, anywhere on your blog, denounce anti-Semitism? I’d kind of like to follow you, but I feel like I need to find out more first.


    • Ralph Christian says:

      Hi Jennifer, I do contend that Kabbala is at its core the spiritualism that guides almost all witchcraft but as far as I can see it’s Hasidic Judaism that’s the esoteric reading of the old scriptures.

      Anti-semitism is awful as is all racism. I have a huge amount of respect for the Jewish people and the battle they fight. What I tend to focus on with this blog is occultism hidden within religion and that tends to be area based. Kabbalah is actually bigger numberwise in New York and Hollywood than with Hasidic Judaism and I cover both Greenwitch Village and Hollywood on the same topic. I have a series on Philippines as I have spent some time there and due to the colonisation their folklore and pagan practices is synchronised with Christianity. Similarly alot of African nations which I intend to do some articles on soon.

      I tend not to pick moral positions and just throw out the info out there. As the blog has developed I have tried to steer away from politicising it though. Pretty much every culture and country has hidden ancient esotericism floating about just below the surface.

      I know what you mean about fleshing out a centralised point with the info but on some topics it’s impossible. You have info that’s vague can be drawn together for truths but they are large and in many ways hard to literalise. If I could, I would 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate the concern.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer Mugrage says:

    Thanks, that is what I needed to hear.

    It’s interesting that you have spent some time in the Philippines. I spent some time in Indonesia and I recognized some of the images in this post as similar to art that I’ve seen in Bali.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Jennifer Mugrage says:

        Um, probably. They have statues, idols, small temples and tiny votive baskets literally everywhere. I think some tiny houses may have been involved but can’t now remember. Bali certainly has way more than its fair share of hugely skilled artists, sculptors, and wood carvers.

        A traditional Balinese housing complex has walls around it, various rooms for the family, and a family temple. All the doors and other features have to be oriented in certain directions and each part of the complex is conceived of as corresponding to a part of the human body.

        I see you have added some new images to this post since my last visit.


  3. Jacob says:

    I’m an ordinary, observant Orthodox Jew who just happened to come across this post while researching a little deep into the web on Kabbalah. From my understanding of the Torah and Zohar, Kabbalah flat out proves that the Holy book of the Torah is not a man-made book. It’s the wisdom that explains how/why the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah function. I’m not familiar with the whole witchcraft/freemasonry involvement with Kabbalah, but I heard that there are some who have exploited the wisdom of Torah/Kabbalah to fulfill their own evil agendas. I wonder how it’s all connected.

    Liked by 1 person

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