More that 60% of Americans are Pro-Life, Why is 99% of Hollywood aggressively Pro-Choice?

Because most sensible people understand that actors and actresses are nothing more than normal people with expensive beauty routines and surgery and ARE NOT THE HEROES THEY OFTEN PLAY IN MOVIES, a certain Hollywood driven BS train is failing to pull out of the station. It would appear that no amount of money, Hollywood slut glitter, political aggression and strong media dominance the “pro-choice” movie enjoy, they cannot remove the stigma from turning a womb into a murder scene.

Hollywoods failed sanitisation of abortion

The “Shout Your Abortion” movement has shifted geared again. Starting with the self confessed Wicca Priestess Oprah gave it a push in a 2017 issue of O Magazine, this is a second run at getting this grizzly propaganda moving. In the same year, Will and Grace star Debra Messing was sporting a necklace with a 1973 charm on it by Sophie Ratner. Sophie’s captioned it herself and the CHARM read, “We’ve designed this 1973 necklace in collaboration with Physicians for Reproductive Health to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision. 30% of proceeds will be donated to the organization to help them continue their important work.” Charming…

debra messing pro choice
Debra Messing was keen to celebrate the floodgates opening to what is tantamount to a holocaust in the wombs of women across the USA starting in 1973.

While the tacky jewelry failed and is clearly in misjudged bad taste, the bare and simply truth is that most good people really see nothing to celebrate in Roe v. Wade. The inherent common decency that remains in us as humans just cant square forgetting the innocent children who lose their lives in an heartbreakingly brutal manner.

With most Americans seeing it as either a very tragic last resort and in certain circumstances or illegal completely, those who would like it legal in all cases, even as a convenience across goes from 29% nationwide to a disturbing near 100% when you get to Hollywood.

Why does tinseltown so desperately want to see babies killed?

The unexplained and rather morbid obsession is not surprisingly linked with that other grizzly and suspicious organisation, Planned Parenthood. The pressure sales abortion supplier that plans to take it’s “helping hand” approach to pulling your baby apart for a fee and doing who know what with the remains to the global stage. Started by a woman who intended it to eradicate the African American population in Margaret Sanger seems lost on those who champion the operation from Jewish comedy drama king, Judd Apatow to Italian American Lolita impersonator, Ariana Grande. Hollywood, Planned Parenthood and in-particular actors, directors and movie craft illumini from New York have a history more intertwined than the FBI and UFO rumours.

While the very first to scream at a guy who dares to question even the slightest aspect of butchering an unborn child under the guise of “Birth Control”, Hollywood has become it’s very own little CERN. Their search for the HYP-BOZO, a level of hypocrisy speculated to have existed during the big bang may well over when they allowed penis owning male in Judd Apatow who usually makes women look like slutty harpies in his movies a leading figure in the fight for the right to kill babies.

While it’s easy to lampoon these self important fake heroes, this is a very serious matter. We can see through the poorly executed plans to market the murdering of children as birth control and God Bless Amercia for that but the question that often goes untouched is why does Hollywood love abortion? This goes beyond the left leaning industry with its history of decadence because contrary to the media portrayal, abortion is still very shocking to most Americans and the sanctity of life remains precious to us. What drives the camp pampered elites of the magickal silver screen to risk box office numbers and reputation for this incredibly contentious issue? What makes it worth it?

George Clooney and when actors try to be smart (they are not smart)

Actors like George Clooney have become the cautionary tale when it comes to using their celebrity to champion an issue only for the political landscape to change leaving them looking idiotic. Sure, he starred in Syriana, a movie about complex politics but in what looked like a method acting malfunction he jumped onboard the complex issue in Darfur back in the mid 2000’s making syrupy speeches only to be unmasked as just an actor. While not surprising and somewhat annoying to those who found him to be quite a cool guy in movies, it was an affirmation to those not aware that the self important botox gargling luvvies in Hollywood weren’t who they portray on screen regardless of how good they are at pretending. Actors are performance artists who get lucky in a pool of millions by sleeping with someone, getting noticed by chance in a small role by a casting director or some other method of selling their soul and image to the shady elites to get an “Independent Spirit Award” (selling your soul via witchcraft, that’s what that award means) and the adoration of their peers.

Should we listen to abortion views from actors and actresses?

Actors are actually quite a sorry bunch all things considered. They have to whore themselves to a Harvey Weinstein type character, swear a diabolical oath to Diane Keeton or Satan to be independent of their spirit/soul or take a chance on getting noticed before actually believing they are as capable as the impossible characters they portray. Throw in a couple of childless marriages that are doomed before engagement, the inevitable realisation that botox only goes so far and the press that loved you will kick your ass bitchy on the way down before turning to a healthy drug habit to silence the demons they gather while forgetting to pay tax between rehab, suicide or desperately trying to sill be relevant. Why are actors, a troubled bunch who often end up a mess advised to get behind a cause that can quite easily ruin your reputation if you’re seen to be too closely aligned like Ashley Judd in the 1990s.

While the transformation from Disney kid to Hindu God Khali (tongue out all the time) to the clueless skank in the above photo is an impressive range as an actress, the cameras aren’t rolling and Miley Cyrus has current her image managed from end to end. What’s the gain to be had in the above championing of abortion in a highly tasteless way that makes her seem as sexy as herpes.

Hollywood, the world according to Kabballa and the Zohar

While it’s well known that Kabbala, Jewish mysticism and Witchcraeft is practiced by Hollywood talent like Madonna, Darren Aronofsky and Sandra Bullock respectively, is this a part of the puzzle in Hollywoods unpopular and risky drive to persuade America by fiction and managed icon images that aborting children is a good thing? The roots of Kabbala and Witchcraft lie in the old testament texts where when not obeying God, the children of Israel shifted gear to Baal worship which was primarily sacrificing newborn babies. It’s not the most edifying of topics so unsurprisingly and wisely it’s never made clear what the actual allure was that kept them returning to that shocking practice but something made it not only bearable but preferable to obeying God.

Disney and the Baal Worship Kabbalistic Agenda

Almost every strain of modern Magick, Wicca, Craeft, esoteric mysticism and Pagan science flows from practices revealed to Israel from 2600BC and Hollywood through Disney has been sanitising the dark arts subtly from the very beginning. Whether it was Mickey Mouse chasing around possessed brooms in the 30s, Bewitched beehive hair on comedy shows in the 60s, Steven Spielberg seeding UFO conspiracies in his early movies or owl obsessed Australian Witchcraft Practitioner Nicole Kidman showing us the virtues of Practical Magic, this has been a consistent theme within the magic of Hollywood over the years. Anyone who has experienced what many term as Magick themselves or witnessed someone close meddle, it’s the unknown of unknowns. Far from being the fun elabrote stuff of the illusionist, real Magick is Science and manipulation of energy that can be executed through steps learned or taught but never truly understood or under the control of those involved regardless of their many years practice or claims. It’s like driving a car blindfolded using muscle memory because it’s not observable. Suicides, emotional destruction, unexplained mental collapses and elaborate destructive eating disorders that don’t follow the usual patterns are just a few ways crashing said car is known to manifest. We didn’t have witchhunts because pointy hats aren’t cool and it operated in hiding for many years for very good reasons. Could these two obsessions be linked?

Martha Plimpton is aggressively pro-choice and even speaks of her abortions like holidays and even has a favourite.

While the deception that’s all about us in media, politics and the polarised views we are encouraged into may stop us ever knowing why the Hollywood elite are keen on seeing abortions carried out, it’s very encouraging that America hasn’t allowed this wicked doctrine to actually take root within truth and that we still see abortion as the evil that it is and not the hideous new fashion Hollywood would love us to adopt.

Dearest Hollywood,

We don’t appreciate your efforts to increase the bottom lines of Planned Parenthood and baby bodyparts quotas we assume you also require. We aren’t beguiled and suggest that while you may have numbed us to the dangers of black magick through a talking mouse, you have emphatically failed to have us sacrifice our moral compasses to allow for child killings to be an accepted norm.

We suggest that addressing your disastrous personal lives would not only be more fruitful and rewarding as a personal endeavour, you might actually do something that is as yet unseen. You could yet become true heroes when the cameras stop as healthy role models for the youngsters of America who aren’t at an age to distinguish between the very pampered luvvies you are and the rugged warriors you portray and think you’re something to be looked upto on a personal level. The only balance you seem to have found is personal mismanagement commensurate with the failed attempt to market abortion as a good thing.

Your unimpressed but forgiving potential box-office.

Inhabitants of the Land of the Free

2 thoughts on “More that 60% of Americans are Pro-Life, Why is 99% of Hollywood aggressively Pro-Choice?

  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    Of course, the most vocal ones define “life” as starting at conception and ending at birth…. (Actually, I just checked a Gallup poll: 53%, legal under some circumstances; 24%, illegal under all circumstances; 21% legal under all circumstances. Aren’t I a spoilsport?)


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