Hollywood Kabbala: When the Crafts of Cinematic Magic met the Magick of Jewish Esoteric Mysticism

Kabballa, Kabballah or even Qaballah in some cases that seem even more confusing than multiple spellings is just one of the many fascinating elements of the Jewish hermetic mysticism. This ancient craft, craeft or creft (yes, this is another randomising of spelling and all refer to witchcraft) is thought to be a recent craze or wave that arrived recently in Hollywood elite circles but this silent craft has not only been in place longer than many would believe, it is arguably the very founder of Hollywood. This is a huge topic so we will do a quick flyover here and then look at the players, the history and how the esoteric part actually manifed in movie and film over the years.

Bohemia, privacy and circles of trust

Locations with a reputation for progressive, creative and hippy mentality are the privacy needed to be around others who are initiated into these crafts that aren’t as easy as picking up a book or attending a lecture or two. Take Kabbalist Darren Aronofsky. He was trained as both a Kabbalist and director by Stuart Rosenberg. The common denominator is Greenwich Village New York or as it known to many, the Bohemian Capital of the world. The Valleys of Los Angeles are similarly a little nook away from the bustle of the area where many of the elites stick within their circles to refine the crafts they use in both life and the magical entertainment they create that’s watched the word over.

hollywood kabballa qabala magick witchcraft
Stumbled upon this image by chance. This sums up Greenwich Village nicely.
green witch greenwich village new york
Read our article on Greenwich Village NY if you are interested in this area where the oscar winning legendary actors and actresses go to get some privacy

Subtle, Crafty, Hiding in Plain Sight

Kabbalistic esoteric signalling or perhaps even reverence and cameo is a common feature in Hollywood productions and has been since the very beginnings of this sprawling industry that keeps billions spellbound and spending as it conjutes up images to make us laugh, cry and scream in terror!

hollywood kabballa qabala magick witchcraft

This is a tough area to take in initially and a little daunting when you finally get there.

Why Hollywood?

Kabballa is esotericism and that in itself means not for all and not to be handled lightly for reasons you may be better off not knowing. Certain skills are too much for the average man to handle and certain truth too shocking. Why would Kabballa choose the best known people in the world to be within its circle of initiated and learned members? Surely there are better ways to maintain that esoteric elitism within the membership?

This is another tough area and this topic is gigantic but Kabballa and Hollywood is as engaging as the movies they create so get looking into this enigma.

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