Theranos: Accidental Vampire Cult and Blood Analysis Company Failure

Vampire cults, hypnotic manipulation abilities, deception on a scale that defies belief and gallons and gallons of blood. The baffling story of Theranos, the health technology company founded by a 19yr old obsessive.

An Unsatisifed Appetite for Blood

Blood was needed for the Theranos business model, one that a 19 year old Elizabeth Holmes put together away from daylight and with the ferocious nature usually associated with adderall users. In those twilight hours and daytimes locked away she created a model that required blood to diagnose the health of patients in a way that could be mass marketed as a sort of Burger King drive through for health checks. The problem? More blood was needed from each person so the pin-prick of a finger and droplet caught in a plastic dongle sized collector required diluting which made the tests inaccurate. More blood was needed from each person to make the business model and whatever they required the leftover blood for a success.

Big Names Supporting the Unsavoury

hillary clinton theranos vampire blood-cult christians
With links to Witchcraft and, Hillary Clinton seems a likely supporter of the shadier sides of Theranos but attaching yourself to something that’s doomed to fail is unusual even for her, although marrying Bill seems a similarly doomed venture and that’s still endured.

Hillary Clinton not surprisingly involved

Hillary Clinton, a woman linked to Witchcraft such large host of stranger elements that exist in fringe culture in modern America is no surprise but the list contains some names that should raise an eyebrow. The sometimes revealed but usually concealed Henry Kissinger, Jewish Holocaust survivor and promoter of “Realpolitik” pragmatic politics. Bill Clinton was also linked to the scandal (veteran in the field of scandals) along with Joe Biden.

henry kissinger theranos vampire cult
Henry Kissinger was one of the unusual names to be tied to the strange start up that despite many clear indications it was nothing more than a blood collection service that was doomed to fail, still stuck by it.

Hypnotic Manipulation or Deceptive Deliver

Decisions made under either blackmail, hypnotism or an as yet unseen ability to manipulate or coerce smart execs who rumbled the extent of the failure were common place within Theranos. Very smart people finding out about a massive lie but then somehow ignoring it became the norm and the young Elizabeth Holmes seemed able to beguile the board into simply ignoring the huge incompetence happening daily.

Some have even gone as far as to accuse Elizabeth Holmes of being involved in a modern day vampire cult with her Theranos start up with a short term goal of collecting blood and the long term goal of a successful business was never actually intended to happen hence support for such a doomed service from the get-go.

Alongside the speculation of vampiric intentions and links to Kabbalistic Hollywood Cult, Planned Parenthood, the ability to reverse decisions and the discovery of lies is the most fascinating part of the Theranos story. How was young Elizabeth Holmes able to coerce so many powerful people into believing her and then those who knew the extent of the lies to keep their mouths shut? Speculation involving Jeffrey Epstien and blackmail have been found baseless but something about Holmes could change minds in the face of mounting evidence.

Will Theranos have the vampiric fairytale ending?

With Elizabeth Holmes facing trial but everyone from Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton and the reputation of various other big democrat names on the line, it’s likely this will be swept under the carpet.

Baphomet Theranos Solve-et Coagula Blood Cult

For Holmes this will be as amazing as the billions she got for her ridiculous blood collecting service in the very first place.

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