Fans of David Lammy News: Westminster stunned as David Lammy performs largest group condemnation in recorded history

Westminster was left in shock and awe as dynamic MP of colour, David Lammy performed what is thought to be the most comprehensive group condemnation on record. The brave slave descendant MP condemned all creation from the Biblical Genesis account and Atheist big bang to the ending of time itself for the treatment of black people taken and sold as slaves by white European intruders in North America.

andy peters husband swedish billionaire
Ex BBC Childrens presenter Andy Peters pictured with Swedish Billionaire Husband Domingo Slavero said he felt moved to tears by Davids awe inspiring group condemnation.

“David is a passionate speaker and his ability to factually link slavery to single issues and bylaws discussed in Parliment is unrivalled throughout the land but this was his pièce de résistance. I feel truly blessed to have attended today. As a proud black gay man who identifies as a woman for Pride week, I felt that finally my voice had been heard”

Andy Peters, ex BBC Childrens Presenter

During what had up to that point been no more than business as usual in the Wednesday House of commons bylaw reading afternoon, David condemned a proposal to extend the legal boundaries of stop and search to include women with prams. The already fair, factual and reasoned criticism of the controversial bill was taken to what is described as the new apex in condemnations in the closing words of the final minute or an allocated five…

david lammy
Lammy is known for his agile ability to deliver moving and poignant speeches on slavery on any topic raised and in a cogent, contextually sound way.

“…this vile, disgusting and hateful proposal can take a seat alongside Hitlers decision to take those packed trains to Auchwitz, Charles Mansons cult invading Roman Polanskis party and the very first time a white man laid eyes upon a man of colour and said, he shall be my property. I look around and I see not a single look of remorse or shame for this bill or that attrocity. No…not even beyond these walls, not a single molecule from the beginning of time to the collapse of the known universe can call themselves blameless in the decision to deny people of colour humanity by denying they are human. but we can at least make a step in the right direction, against oppression, against racism and against the evils of history by denying this bill…”

David Lammey, July 2019

Although 30 minutes remained on the session, no further motions were brought with he Brexit Party choosing to abstain therefore parliament. convened earlier than expected.

With no further existence available to wear the shame of slavery it is hard to know where Lammy can go from here. This was his last session before a 2 weeks break to Corfu with his wife and children. Lammy declined to comment to reporters when leaving parliment but many are already waiting in anticipation to hear him field questions from the press upon his return.

One question already on the lips of commentators are the technicalities and paradox he has possibly presented by failing to remove himself or the victims of slavery from the statement. One civil right activist has criticised Lammys as irresponsible and reckless for choosing to condemn the victims stating that this move could usher in a wave of potential hypocrisy from other leftists who seek to emulate the impact of his statement.

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