The Pagan Agenda: Witches everywhere, children as targets, Roald Dahl and Hollywoods Phoenix Agenda

When Roald Dahl wrote The Witches in 1983, he produced a brilliant work that was less a childrens book, more a horror for adults with a light reskin. Just like other Dahl books that covered modern social themes quite directly (The Twits, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator) inside the veil of a fantasy theme, The Witches made a startling statement that many miss about the world we live in.

Roald Dahl The Witches Esoteric Tarot Phoenix Sun Cover Art
Roald Dahls, The Witches held an e soteric tarot Phoenix which is also known as the The Sun in its cover art. The image was often redrawn but maintained the pose.

Baal, the infinite universe Lie and the Christian

ALL Children is the phrase used by Dahl in the synopsis and the book. This is to be taken three ways which includes the literal context of the book, figuratively and spiritually. Just like the representation of the United Nations presented in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and the picture of a child having a full on nervous breakdown in James and the Giant Peach, Dahl was using his pen as a sword to tell us something very real and horrible.

Literal: The abortion agenda of Baal

In Dahls book, the witches themselves are interested in the killing of children. A reason for this isn’t given beyond a deep seated hatred of the smell. The alarming truth is that Wicca Witches and Hollywood executives are the engineers behind the hateful Planned Parenthood clinics that fly the flag of helping mothers make the right decision… as long as it’s to kill the baby. They have quotas and targets for abortions so in essence the advisors are sales people. They want your money but more than that it appears they want that child dead. We cover this in another article which asks the question, why in a country which is 60% pro-life is Hollywood 99% pro-choice?

Spiritual: Keep children from truth and light

My five year old daughter returned home from school to tell me something that I myself had forgotten about as a child but was a truth I held through to adulthood. A seed that had been planted to distort my view on larger matters.

“The Universe is infinite and goes on forever”

This statement is patently untrue BUT all children are told this as soon as they hit the school system. Science for all its flaws does show us that nothing can be infinite and it even goes against the doctrine of the big bang as nothing that has a beginning point can be infinite, only very big even if it’s increasing at unimaginable speeds. The reason this is told to children is to take away any rationalising of a God. Inside the impressionable mind of a child, the following question is then posed. Where can God and His heaven be if the universe is infinite? It’s very hard to reason these things when the innocence of your childhood has been abused by a lie that even when debunked by high school physics lessons, has poisoned you.

Figuratively: To destroy ALL children of God

Consider then that Christians are collectively referred to in the Bible as “Children of God”. Roald Dahl portrays witches as ultimately evil with no good in them. Their hatred of children can be linked to their innocence which is how a Christian is to come to God. Satan wants to kill and destroy humans, to rob them of all things good and see them either dead at the hands of another or killing themselves (John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy”). If the Witch is ultimately evil and a satanic entity then ALL children is to be taken as any follower of Satans adversary. God.

The crafty insertion of subtle nihilism

Whether it’s gender, sexuality, marriage or even just what toys children play with, the lines are intentionally blurred. However, in order to make these things possible has meant subtly injecting a nihilistic view of the world that’s away from any and all Judeo Christian form of morality or guidelines.

Disneys Sanitising of witchcraft

The Disney agenda has been to sanitise Witchcraft. Take the first three features from the largest studio on the planet. Snow White, Pinocchio and Fantastia. All three put in motion the long game realignment of the view of Witchcraft as something good. Pinocchio is magically brought to life by the Blue Fairy (known as “Fairy with blue hair” in the original source, Carlos Collodis childrens book), Snow White introduces us to the subtle kabballistic owl symbology along with a positive view of magick and Fantasia remains the most direct with Mickey Mouse dancing around with brooms as a magicians apprentice. It’s worth noting that Witchcraft was illegal in the UK until 1951 and in practical terms can be illegal in the US even after the 1983 landmark Dettmer vs. Landon case for The Church of Wicca to be registered as a religion.

Snow White Disney Hidden Eyes Tsimtsum Kabballa Esoterism
Snow Whites from Disney contained not only a whole host of owl images but also hidden eyes that acording to the Jewish Hasidic practice of Tsimtsum are revealed and then concealed. This Cabalistic esotericism is very common in almost all orthodox Jewish beliefs but most commonly in Hasidic teachings.

Good and evil reversed

Disneys Maleficent movies are a good gauge of this drive to remove the idea that good and evil exist which therefore promotes a nihilistic view of the world. Maleficent started off as the horned evil witch entity in the 1954 Disney feature, Sleeping Beauty. In the 2014 she is the misunderstood independently minded female fallen angel who has had her wings clipped by a man who actually loves her. The story is reversed in a manner reminiscent of Akira Kurosawas Rashamon where the same story is told from different perspectives, each changing who is and isn’t the protagonist/antagonist. Maleficent is simply the Sleeping retold but with her as protagonist and the king who is protecting his daughter is the evil pseudo ex-husband who has clipped her wings through her submission to him.

the phoenix agenda maleficent sleeping beauty hollywood kabballa satanism

The material works on two levels. Firstly, to denounce males as dominant and domineering and “clipping the wings” of the women who love them so therefore marriage in of itself is bad. Secondly and most important, that good and evil are not absolute. What was evil in 1954 was actually just the oppression of women by a male dominated patriarchy and was actually the evil if that tag is to be used anywhere.

Humans are your Gods

From a man who has used technology to give himself Godlike abilities in Tony Stark to an actual pagan God in Thor, the Marvel Universe embodies the thrust from Hollywood to replace God with humans. What started with Superman in 1978 from Richard Donner (husband of Planned Parenthood advisory board member and producer, Lauren Shuler) was a push to take the comic book mythology derived from ancient Egypt to the mainstream through movies. Superheroes.

Superheroes, men of steel and Godlessness

While this was attempted with Saturday matinees earlier than 1978, the results were unconvincing and unbelievable. No one could truly believe that they were witnessing a man flying when George Reeves was on strings infront of a rear projection screen. Immersion is the key and it wasn’t until 1978 that confidence in special effects and camera trickery was considered good enough to create something the audience could lose themselves in. Hot on the heals of the impressive and convincing Star Wars came Donners movie that paved the way for a generations of human Gods on our screen.

Something visible and tangible is persuasive and the hero worship that’s encouraged not only of the characters but the actors portraying them is as aggressive as it is subversive. A child can easily see Tony Stark as the greatest thing in all existence when he alone saves humanity as a human, not only that but doing more than an actual pagan God in Thor. What this tells a child is, “Humans are enough, you don’t need ANY God”

The morals of the the superheroes

The second dimension to this is the blurring of lines between character and actor/actress. The media showers praise upon those who star in the movies in a way that suggests that they themselves are on a par with these heroes. You seldom see the making of promos that were used in the past because that might break the illusion. The actors are showered with praise, respected as the heroes they portray.

With this very subversive trickery in place we the audience are then shown the multiple marriages these Hollywood stars have, the multiple abortions they now brag about and actually listen to them on matters of politics. Why? Well, let’s place it in the framework of a question that a fan of the Marvel Universe might subconsciously make in a hypothetical situation.

If Captain America thinks it’s ok to have multiple marriages and children with different mothers then surely this is ok?

If you blur these lines between a God, a man and actors and the characters they play then it’s very easily to manipulate the thought processes of the audience. Not only that, we are in an age where more time is spent viewing screens that real life. Such a time is this…

Witches really are EVERYWHERE

In various interviews with Dahl and his family there have been hints that they book The Witches was in part truth. Does that mean that witches have no toes and purple eyes? No, but fiction can be in part fact and handle a truth for all to see. 1984 was a work of fiction but the fact is that it was prophetic and Orwell wrote it expecting it to come to pass, which of course it has. If we are to detach the more far fetched elements of the story then Dahl could easily be suggesting that witchcraft was very widely practised in secret and therefore witches were everywhere.

The 1990 movie makes a very strong hint that Freemasons are the witches that Dahl is inferring are everywhere with subtle Kubrick style hints of Freemasonry throughout the movie. In the image below we see a master masons apron positioned behind the Grand High Witch at the annual meeting. Random mentions of the rotary club also pop up throughout the movie, a close cousin of Freemasonry founded on the same ancient fraternity values and mysticism.

the witches 1990 kabballa witchcraft tsimtsum esoteric submilinal freemasonry

With Wicca the fasting growing religion in the USA and strong indications that atheism is now being replaced by paganism, perhaps Dahl was right all along and maybe the phoenix really is rising from the ashes.

The biggest concern is that the aim seems to be to indoctrinate children and as early as possible. When you hear that they would like to teach children than gender doesn’t exist and that parents are giving 5 year old hormones to start the process that ends with mutilated genetalia (and a 50% chance of committing suicide and 70% chance of regretting the action), it’s very hard to deny that something awful is engulfing this world.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

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