Kabbalah, Qabbala or Cabbala, the Wandering Jewish Shoemaker, Enoch, Philippines, Cobblers and Adam Sandler

Kabbala, Qabballa, Cabbala or sometimes Kabballah with an “H” at the end, it’s very hard to find any kind of criterion spelling of the term that collectively covers Jewish Mysticism

Jewish Cobbler Shoemaker Kabbalah
A Jewish cobbler or shoemaker hard at work is linked esoterically throughout history to that of the Kabbalist

The Spellings of Kabballa….sorry, Qabbala…

On the Hasidic Judaism website, Chabad.org they use the spelling Kabbalah which is why we trend towards doing this on this website but sometimes drop the “H” just to make sure that we have a good spread. However, on the same website they do aknowledge that there are many spellings for this word and list 24 of them.

They do not actually state that the way they spelling it if the correct way but emphasise that following the teachings of Kabbalah in the kosher manner is infinitely more important than the spelling or the pronunciation.

The many spellings of cabballa kabbalah

Enoch, Cobbler of the Cosmos and Shoemakers

The first hints of the source of the word Kabbalah and its link to the word Cobbler are seen in the Jewish Midrash with Enoch who is described as a “Cobbler of the Cosmos” who sewed worlds together and was raised to the rank of angel due to his piety in the corrupt pre-flood world. In the Christian Bible are told that God takes him but no more is mentioned beyond this.

21 And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah:

22 And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:

23 And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:

24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

Genesis 5:21-24
Enoch the Cosmic Cobbler Patriarch Kabbalah

The Wandering Jew and Shoemaking

Another very clear link between Kabbalah, Hasidic Judaism and the Cobbler is the legend of the wandering Jew. Depending on your source he is anything from a Jew who taunted Jesus Christ at the crucifixion to Pontius Pilates doorman but he is always a Shoemaker.

One theory about the wandering Jew is that he represents the Jewish people as a whole who called upon a curse to follow them and their ancestors and gave way to a second Exodus in the Biblical sense.

Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.

Matthew 27:25
Gustave Dore The Wandering Jew Shoemaker

It’s speculated that this legend is the source of the Jewish and German occupational family name, Schumacher. While not in the German sense, the Jewish Cobbler is very much linked to mysticism. This is covered in great extent in the book, “Jews and Shoes”, by Edna Nahshon. She covers the cultural links of Jewish tradition, Kabbalah, the cobbler from the Biblical sense and even looking at the view from the Kabbalist holy book, The Zohar.

Hollywood Kabbalist Adam Sandler Subtle Nods to the Zohar and the occupation of Cobbler

Jewish American actor and entertainer, Adam Sandler pays his respects to both the Zohar and Jewish cobblers with two of his recent movies. Don’t Mess with the Zohan has a lead character who is but one letter away from the name of the Hasidic Jewish Mysticism Holy Book, The Zohar along with insertion of Tzimtzum anthropology in the promotional material. We cover these links in another article.

He isn’t the only actor to make references to Jewish mysticism within their work. Many Jewish movie makers and actors, mostly from New York coincidentally, insert references to both Freemasonry (Hasidic Judaism for Gentiles) and Jewish mysticism within their movies. Sandler also links magick to the trade of the cobbler. He portrays a magic cobbler much like the angelic figure of Enoch from the Jewish Midrash.

sandler zohar zohan cobbler kaballah
Adam pays respect to the roots of mystic hermetic Judaism in two recent movies. Most hold Sandlers movies to be shallow and goofy so to many it will be a pleasant surprise that he does work on a far deeper level and his movies as a whole require reevaluation with this factored.

Philippines Mysticism, shoe obsession and Shoetown

Philippines has a deep and strong link with Israel. Unlike almost everywhere else, the Philippines passport is held in the highest regard when entering Israel and a deep respect exists between the two nations. Philippines has historically supported Israel in a similar fashion to the USA but also the two nations both have a history of hidden mysticism or what many would call pagansim that hides within the shell of Judiasm and Christianity. Within the Jewish traditions lies Kabbalah, what many consider the basis for all witchcraft and pre-colonial Philippines also had a long history of Paganism and pluralistic Gods that now exists within Christianity in the form of folklore and veneration of Arch-Angels.

Imelda Marcos famously owned over 1500 pairs of shoes. While 1500 is a figure not usually attained, women of the Philippines also hold shoes in very high regard and own many pairs, often going into the hundreds. They also hold the longstanding relationship with Israel in high regard.

Imelda Marcos, Freemasonry, Shoes and Brutalist Architecture

Philippines is rumoured to have the largest percentage of Freemasons within any nation worldwide with a flag that’s actually a masonic apron turned on its side due to Freemasons liberating the country. While the first notable Kabbalist link to the cobbler and Philippines would seem to be Imelda Marcos obsession with shoes an entire city dedicated to shoemaking (Marikina is known as “Shoetown” and is home to the worlds largest shoe), Imelda also had interest in Masonry. She encouraged Brutalist Architecture projects so her obsessions were the magickal elements of shoes and also the mystic science of Masonry.

Philippines is estimated to have the highest percentage of Freemasons worldwide.

The strong four way link between Israel, the cobbler, Freemasonry and Philippines is no secret and in actual fact many Philippines residents and those abroad are proud of the links both geographically and in the more mystical sense.

The Cosmic Cobbler of Kabbalah and modern Witchcraft

Whether good or bad, Enoch the Shoemaker is strongly tied to the many practices of Witchcraft in use today with “Enochian Magic” and “Enochian alters” used by many covens. Because of this, many christians and Jews avoid the apocryphal Book of Enoch found in the dead sea scrolls that describes in more detail Enochs trip through heaven, the passing of sorcery from fallen angels to human women and even touches on his shoemaking.

Enochian Alter Prepared Magick
An Enochian alter prepared for a ceremony to bringforth Pagan Gods

While it’s somewhat presumptuous to confirm that Kabbala means cobbler and the 24 spellings beyond that are just intentional esotericism, the links and evidence is very hard to deny.

Enoch is held up as a patriarch within both Freemasonry (described alongside Solomon in their teachings) and Hasidic Judaism and whether the device of Shoemaking is used to simply mean sorcerer or there is actually a mystical link as described in “Jews and Shoes”, one thing cannot be denied. The Cobbler and the Kabbalist are at very least close siblings. Possibly twins.

20 thoughts on “Kabbalah, Qabbala or Cabbala, the Wandering Jewish Shoemaker, Enoch, Philippines, Cobblers and Adam Sandler

  1. Viviana castillo Cruz says:

    Well, Im new to researching all the links between Freemasons and the occult, hoping it was just insidious rumors, mainly because I have been chased and hunted for two years by these people, it is only recently after their last attempt to snuff me, that I have found a place thanks to the FBI, who got me to a DV shelter, I think most are unaware at first of what they got into, some people are really just being duped while others know and don’t care. The surface looks really good it is when you start looking.
    I wasn’t supposed to survive this, I knew there were satanists and witches after me, didn’t know one thing connected them all, and even some christians or who call themselves christians have been duped. Yes the freemasons are behind it and the proof is undeniable, guess thats why they took my daughter a year ago to silence me.
    You can’t call yourself a christian if you serve another besides The father, the Holy spirit and Jesus Christ.
    Quite simple really God commands to forgive and pray for your enemies to lay your human weapons, to turn the other cheek, to love your brother, sister, even those who wronged you, compassion, forgiveness. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ not Good works.

    Freemasonry, their programs, to assist in the GREAT WORK, it’s domestic terrorism, nothing else the bible doesn’t say, chase, monitor, follow, track, stalk, derail, steal, lie, give false testimony it actually condems a false witness. So if you say you’re a christian, you should be protecting me, not standing againts me.

    Jesus Christ calls you to be accountable and to chastise your brother if he deviates from God, so if I was doing something wrong sure, guide me.
    Why I’m I being harrased while Im at work, why Im I followed when buying groceries, putting gas.Why Im I followed to church. Im not a drug addict or a criminal, the FBI, GBI and multiple state agencies know exactly who and where I am, So I am not a criminal I wouldn’t be allowed to stay in a domestic violence shelter if I was violent, or a threath, if I was a thief, a junkie, they would’ve figured it out they’re pretty smart. I get tested by DFCS, they can show up anytime anywhere I willingly gave them permission in open court becuase they accused me of drug use without proof so I said test me whenever wherever, judge signed it.
    Ask yourself would Jesus ask this of you to torment, harrass torture, and assist in attempted murder to protect a pedophile.
    My name Viviana Castillo Cruz
    I have no social media, people stole all my accounts, pretend to be me online, there’s a phone system installed in my car, along with 4 modems, they use the satellite and radio as well as the 911 system thats suppossed to dial out to 911. The technology is impressive even the police can’t track you this well. Im trying to get my llfe and my daughter back Hearing is in GA Sept 2021 Dekalb, but my lawyer is state lawyer that isn’t doing anything to help me. I have had bank accounts, my labor department payments almost $20,000 dollars, recently my taxt return $2,300, I have no jon had to quit last month to stay alive and run. So no income, if it wasnt because the shelter has helped with gas so I can drive fromn Rabun ga to Atlanta GA 2 hours 2 see her twice a week I wouldnt be able to see her. They lied when they took her, I am simply a mother fighting to get my life back and my daughter,
    I am not the one following or harrassing anyone. They are doing this to me.
    I dont have a cellphone they have stolen every account. The proof speaks for itself.
    I only the phone here at the shelter and the computer here.


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