Transgender man told by HSBC staff, “You Sound Like a MAN”, declined transactions on security grounds

Yet more transgender chaos recently. A transvestite man who identifies himself as a female was unable to make phone transactions with his bank for security reasons because they rightfully pointed out that he ‘sounds like a man’.

Trangender Man Kurtis Ellen Westerleigh
Kurtis “Ellen” Westerleigh was told, “YOU SOUND LIKE A BLOKE”

Transgender Confusion as HSBC also sent card to MR Ellen

22 year old Kurtis Westerleigh who now goes by the girls name “Ellen”, also received a new bank card addressed to ‘Mr’, instead of ‘Miss’, despite telling HSBC he now wants people to also play along that he is female. He was unable to withdraw money from his account because the operator had concerns and was certain it was a different person due to sounding distinctly like a man. This was even after passing security so the operative was in disbelief that it was a woman he was speaking to.

Kurtis has been told he will have to make the trip to his local branch, in central Nottingham, to perform transactions.

He told the Nottingham Post: ‘Every time I ring up to speak about my account they say I “don’t sound like a woman.” I have to prove who I am and I shouldn’t be having to do that.

Transgender man aware he sounds like a man

‘I know I sound like a man but that is not the point. I do feel uncomfortable ringing up my bank. It has happened three or four times and it is ridiculous.’ Kurtis now has to bring his ID to the local Nottingham branch and make the six miles journey from his Strelly Village home.

Kurtis added: ‘It gets to the point where I have told them several times ‘I am transgender. It is in my file. I should not have to keep saying it.’ He accused the bank of ‘not taking the trans community seriously’.

Transgender mans family and friends happy to support and pretend

Kurtis, says he felt uncomfortable living as a man for some time and his friends and family have been supportive through is surgeries and are more than happy to play along to make things easier.

HSBC says it is reviewing Kurtis’s complaint and have introduced changes to their system and updated training to allow for transgender customers who are offended when services will not play along with the gender pretence.

Transgender Ru Paul Drag Race Evil Abomination
Transgender Ru Paul and his show Drag Race have been a massive inspiration to men like Kurtis to go for extreme drag that involves friends, family and HSBC to play along with the roleplay.

A spokesman for the bank said: ‘We are very sorry for the disappointing level of service experienced by Miss Westerleigh, and are committed to learning from this to help ensure it doesn’t happen again. ‘We are a proud and active supporter of customers and colleagues across the broad spectrum of diversity of sexuality and gender identity.’

10 thoughts on “Transgender man told by HSBC staff, “You Sound Like a MAN”, declined transactions on security grounds

  1. ajeanneinthekitchen says:

    Oh good God! What is this world coming to? No matter what these people may think, or how they decide to mutilate their bodies, biologically, they will still be and always will be the sex they were born to. No matter what you may do physically to your body, it does not and cannot change your DNA that you were born with. We live in a sick, sick world. Everyone wants to be a victim, and no one wants to take responsibility for anything any more.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ralph Christian says:

      Couldn’t agree more and the biggest victims are these people who transition and then have a 50% chance of committing suicide. The rate or regret is as you would expect it but what then can you do? You have mutilated yourself in an irreversible manner. It’s tragic.

      Liked by 2 people

      • ajeanneinthekitchen says:

        Years ago, I worked with someone who was originally born a man, then decided to become a woman. When I met “her, she was already a woman, but about 3-4 years later, “she” decided to become a “he” again”. Crazy and mixed up is all I’ve got to say about that. these people need psychological help AND they need to not push it onto society to accept as normal,. It is not normal in any way shape or form.


  2. Jennifer Mugrage says:

    It’s a very tough spot to be in when you want to love and respect the person.

    Years ago, I had a friend who believed she was the reincarnation of a figure from a legend. For the sake of the friendship, I had to pretend I agreed with her. Otherwise I was being mean, cruel, and not believing her. I did respect her, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually believe she was this historical figure. Cognitive dissonance was strong in this one.

    It’s very true that believing what someone says is an important component of a relationship. But our brains start to explode when what they sincerely insist upon is obviously not reality.

    I wish there was a way to get across to people with trans feelings that we respect them as people. But politeness has been defined in such a way that pointing out reality – even by accident – is now considered mean.

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  3. Amanda says:

    What a load of tosh.. I worked for Barclays Bank for 6 years back in 1998, long before people were being more open about their gender identity and we had customers that used to call us who were transgender but would have a female name on their bank account. Often when signing up for telephone banking, customers would advise that they were transgender and this would be noted in their customer details, so that when they called no one would question why they had a mans voice or vice versa..

    I think some people are just craving attention. Not saying this person in particular is, but I’ve seen and heard some people say they are this that and the other and then months later say they’re something else and they ‘changed their minds’ wtf?

    The problem is, with any financial body u have to deal with over the phone they have to be 100% confident that you are speaking to the customer.. I don’t see how the advisor is to blame, they were just following protocol

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  4. Elise says:

    So you know she’s transgender and identities as a woman and yet you misgendering her the entire way through this article? Whatever your personal beliefs you should be able to do the bare minimum of calling her by her correct pronouns, especially considering the point of the article is that she experienced something horrible happen to her.

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