Devon Library Groomer Mama G and His Twerking Lessons distances himself from Twitter and his own “Management Company” Petit Pantos

DEVON, UK, August 7th, 2019

There was a time when teaching adult theme like sexually suggestive material to three year olds would be called “grooming”. Robert Pearce dresses up as a woman in what can only be described as narcissism spliced with fetish as he dresses up as a woman and shakes his backside suggestively to three year olds.

Mama G Drag Act aka Robert Taylor Pearce trains three year old in sexual foreplay dance

Drag Queen Mama G twerking infront of children as young as three

A transvestite drag queen in the United Kingdom was filmed teaching infant school children at a local library story hour a graphic breakdown on performing the highly inappropriate sex mimic dance known as “twerking.” 

Drag act show that teaches the sexually suggestive twerk dance to three year olds

Mama G is a transvestite man and adult performer who has quietly “appeared at libraries, theatres, bookshops and cafes all over the UK,” say the Petite Pantos Theater promotion company. Devon Libraries even helped promote his ellaborate and unmeasurably age inappropriate Story Hour spectacl in North Devon as “sharing tales that celebrate being who you are & loving who you want.”

robert taylor pearce grooming three year olds mama g drag queen
Outrage over Mama G aka Robert Pearce grooming children in Devon Library with sexually suggestive twerking lessons for three year olds
Ironically, Robert Taylor Pearce aka Mama G aka Library Groomer Twerker bears a striking resemblance to another childrens entertainer with a well earned bad rep, Pennywise the Dancing clown from Stephen Kings IT.

Video recently emerged from one of those Drag Queen Story Hour events, showing Mama G explaining and demonstrating to an audience of children as young as young as three how to twerk.

Pennywise Robert Taylor Pearce Grooming Children Devon Library

He refers to the show as “stories about being who you are and loving who you want”, but is in actual fact all about him indulging his very narcissistic fetish by being the archetype shock for shocks sake drag act. Stepping in and out of a cardboard cut out act is actually the antithesis of that statement.

Petite Pantos Mama G promotion company is actually just him behind a limited company and a lie from Devon Live

Robert Tyler Pearce of Pettacre Close London is the man behind Mama G, the drag act dame, a character that went stale in the mid 90s and has only been given a shot in the arm because he decided to take it to children in Libraries. Knowing that this was likely to cause a stir he moved his companys address to an office location on companies house and it has been misreported that he is booked by Petit Pantos which is just his one mad band limited company. The cretins at Devon Live pretended to be his spokesman so it appeared that he was actually just an act that got booked thus spreading the blame in various grey blurry directions. See the companys house info here. This is actually a very important part of this groteque affair. He devised the kids at the library concept and it’s his company, very poor reporting and shame on Devon Live for providing a ficticious “spokesperson” to help him out.

Robert Taylor Pearce aka Mama G Library Groomer Twerker Drag Queen

Pearce has also moved the supposed management of his bookings of his rather seedy distasteful concept to Cowley, Knox and Guy who appear to have no issue being aligned with an act that can very easily be labled grooming. If Cowley, Knox and Guy approve of this then as a provider of great deal of children’s entertainment this is more than a little disturbing. The very reason this is in the spotlight is because people are genuinely shocked.

Mama G aka Robert Taylor Pearce shuts his twitter

Originally from Plymouth where he was born back in August 1984, Robert Pearce has closed his twitter and removed alot of traces to his own personal identity from his website and Petit Panto Ltd, the “management company” that he actually owns.

A reflection and Some Advice for Mr Robert Pearce aka Library Twerker Mama G

Sexualising children is bad. The data on this is very clear, brings children into sexual acts before puberty causes psychological issues, hangups and poisons their own approach to sexuality. It’s rather odd that any parent would take their child to this abomination but I think we can assume that when there was something on at the library is might be about a kids book and not a grown man wearing womens clothes performing sex acts with the air. Thankfully the attendance was tiny.

Mama g-Grooming Children Devon Library Sexually Suggestive Dance
Mama g-Grooming Children Devon Library Sexually Suggestive Dance

Robert, being who you are and being happy should require shocking people with controversy. Poeple who are happy with who they are and at peace with loving who they want don’t care what other people think, certainly not bogey picking three year olds. Perhaps look at what a paradox that really is and then take the act to an adult audience where they are old enough to decide and full in the knowledge of their sexuality. They may even come away better twerkers.

Just keep that stuff away from innocent children.

And finally, before some buffoon shouts “HOMOPHOBIC”, if someone brought in a lookalike of that Kali looking tongue waggling skank Mylie Cyrus doing the same they also need a karate chop to the windpipe.

2 thoughts on “Devon Library Groomer Mama G and His Twerking Lessons distances himself from Twitter and his own “Management Company” Petit Pantos

  1. Jennifer Mugrage says:


    This reminds me of the saddest story of the year … all the revelations in the recent documentary about Michael Jackson molesting little boys after lots of grooming of them and their families. As a parent, it is just terrifying to me that these boys’ mothers were so taken in by Jackson that they missed obvious red flags. It is truly tragic.

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