Owen Jones Victim of Premeditated “Karate Kick” Attack, Drunken Brawl

Outspoken activist and journalist Owen Jones took to twitter to inform his followers that he was the victim of a pre-planned 3AM drunken brawl by the extreme far right. The police will be investigating Owens claims Monday morning when he should be sober and ready to do so.

Owen Jones targetted by far right group who pick fights with leftists at 3am when pubs close. Police investigating after a report of an attack and bruised ego.
Owen is insistent that it was a precoordinated drunken brawl as trained operatives “Karate kicked” him.

Drunken Brawl Far Right Attacks Linked to Pubs Closing

In what is thought to be an all too common and overlooked hate crime, preplanned drunken brawls often instigated through clever premeditated drunken arguments are on the rise. A think-tank has suggested that the attacks are often planned for pub closing time. Leftwing drinkers have been warned by police to not leave any Craft Beer venues (with the ones with typewriters and other pretentious props) alone and to consider ordering a taxi to the venue.

…one of them karate kicked my back…

Owen Jones on preplanned Drunken Brawl

These cleverly planned arguments and brawls involve crafty disagreements with emotional left leaning drinkers who and then lured into a fights they often lose.

Drunk Owen Warns of Far Right Aggression against Craft Beer drinking leftists

“We were just minding our own business and had been since we started drinking that afternoon. None of us said anything to the attackers beforehand, it was completely premeditated”, stated one of Owens friends

Owen added: “The far right drunken attack menace is growing, it’s real, it’s violent and it’s targeting drunk minorities and leftists who are just there to drink Craft Beer”

Police have confirmed that a report has been made and have interviewed witnesses and the owners of the bar. No arrests have been made.

#WeStandWithOwen tag started on Twitter

Sympathy has poured in for Owen and Twitter followers have started the #westandwithowen as a show of solidarity.

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