Hidden Truth within Truth Hidden: The Esoteric Veil from Isis to Moses to Mary and the Catholic Renaissance Lie

The veil represents covering in the open but has also found itself misused and highjacked for repurpose as an esoteric roadmap to great deceptions. Veils are mentioned many times in the Bible both literally figuratively, as both a protection and a blindness to truth. This polarised symbol when analysed holds the keys to a great many truths hidden within lies. We go from paganism to orthadox Christendom to Tarot in our journey beneath what is veiled about the veil.

The Pagan Veil of Plural gods

This a very circular truth so we shall start at the beginning and if we end up back where we began. Nothing is veiled that was not first unveiled so starting with the act of veiling we are taken to the ancient pagan gods before the flood and later on the pluralist gods that were worshipped before monotheism.

The veil appears as something placed in bosses, statues and artistic renderings of the ancient world on their various gods and goddesses. Seen as both in place and being placed, the veil isn’t hidden esoterically but shown either fully placed or being placed on names still discussed within occultic circles to this very day. Isis, the Egyptian Mother Goddess and Ammon, one of the many faces of Baal or Moloch are the male and female forms shown as taking a veil in statues and art sometimes dating back over 4000 years.

Persephone isis greek veiled deity pan baphomet
Persephone is the Greek incarnation of Isis, radiating beauty and drawing lustful eyes from the male Gods, she is partially veiled, a subtle indication that reemergence will occur.

In the case of Isis the veil has become a metaphor for the mysteries of nature, a call to ancient alchemy and magick. This is veiled promotion of love for natural creation intended to create a fixation on the very nature of nature so that a veil of curiosity and wonder about the creation falls over the truth of the creator.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Isis
A fully veiled Isis is shown in statues and depictions. Not the subtle Ram indentation beneath here feet and the screech owl on either side of the arms of her throne. These are both symbols of Aamon aka Baal/Moloch. These crafty hints are the building blocks of the merging of male and female in androgyny, the overturning of gender established by God.
moses horns serpent worship nehushtan
Aamon aka Baal/Moloch is shown with the horns of the ram and a human face instead of the screech owl associated with the name Moloch, a central motif of Freemasonry (kabbala for gentiles). Above his head we see a veil being placed, a subtle signpost for occult esotericism.
Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Isis
The veil is seen here being placed over the face of the Egyptian Mother Goddess pagan Isis. Note the connections to nature and the serpent set apart from the other beasts. Disecting occultic symbolism is like pealing onions. Many get lost in the rabbit holes and surreal random images and this is intentional. Make sure to be aware that discernment doesn’t come through speculation, the truth is hiding in plain sight.

The Material Veil of Noah and Moses through to Christ

A more positive use of the veil symbolism is the far more open use through the act of covering that represents atonement that first appears in Genesis 3. A strong foreshadow of Christ known is revealed in the sacrifice of an animal by God to cover the sin of Adam and Eve. The earthly coverings in the form of aprons fashioned from plants and leaves are not sufficient. The covering of blood atones for sin.

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

Genesis 3:21 KJV

This covering of blood and the completion of this prophecy is Christs sacrifice on the cross. This same truth echoes through the entire Old Testament, a substitution will come and his blood will cover the sin of all. However, this isn’t the same as covering or a veil, this is washing clean. That’s another subject but for the sake of this topic let’s just focus on the veil and coverings.

If we go further we read in Genesis 9 that material coverings are used to cover Noah after Ham sins against him in some way that is either looking upon his nakedness but possibly more. A material veil is placed over Noah and the act is never mentioned but Noah is drunk and unconscious and furious when he “found out what his youngest son had done to him”

Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. 21 When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. 22 Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father naked and told his two brothers outside. 23 But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father’s naked body. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father naked.

24 When Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest son had done to him, 25 he said,

“Cursed be Canaan!
    The lowest of slaves
    will he be to his brothers.”

Genesis 9:20-25, The Curse of Ham

Biblical art depicts a veil over the event. These esoteric veils hidden within Biblical art are consistent, subtle and in many cases craftily hidden away.

The Veil of Deception over Abraham as Sara brings Hagar
The Veil of Deception over Abraham as Sara brings Hagar

To be clear, these veils aren’t hidden portions of the Biblical narrative, it’s quite clear that Ham may have performed some form of deviance upon his father on account of the reaction, his nakendness and that he was numb through drunkenness, a situation that often leads to unsolicited sexual acts. The inclusion of the veil is a bit like Freemasons who arrange their desks with globes and symmetrical anthropology to indicate to other Masons their membership. The symbology may have deeper meaning but in the very first instance it’s an esoteric flag.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning
Noah is seen covered in this depiction of the curse of Ham. Above him is the veil draped over the beam in the roof.
Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Noah Curse
The Veil covers Noahs nakedness that followed his drunkenness. Above him a material veil is draped between trees.

The Veiled face of Moses

Moses is a righteous prophet and does Gods work in bringing the children of Israel out of the captivity of a tyrant king. However, up until Charlton Heston sanitised the image of the Jewish patriarch in The Ten Commandments, an unusually Christian movie by paganistic Hollywood, he was also the prophet who had a set of horns and created a brass snake for the Children of Israel to worship in order to be cured of snakebites. The movie ommits both that portion of the narative and his horns along with the veil he wears over his face when he returns with the tablets of the law.

You will do well to find a depiction of a veiled Moses and while he was almost exclusively pictured with horns before the Cecil B DeMile cinematic epic, they have more or less disappeared from the widely held perception of his journey in the wilderness.

Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Veiled Moses
An often overlooked element within the account of Moses and the Children of Israel in the wilderness is that he returns from the Mountain with the tablets of the law with a veiled face. Depending on your position, this is either his face being too bright or horns upon his head.

The veil over his face as he returned with the tablets is mirrored by the modern veil Hollywood has placed over certain aspects of the Jewish Patriarch. We go deeper into the topic of Moses Horns and snake worshipping here if you’re interested.

The Multitude of Veils Placed over Jesus Christ

While Moses gets an improved image from the veiling of certain aspects of his life, Jesus Christ gets the opposite treatment through Renaissance Art through multiple layers of deception.

Frantic scenes with a mix of styles and a sensory overload of confusion was part of the decelption. While beautifully painted what is every doing in this crazy montage of what appears a blend of characters from other paintings stuffed together.

Again in the dark background we see a veil over the doorway.

The many subtle veils positioned above and around Christ undoubtedly reveal the malevolent nature of the veil in the art produced by the Italian artists of the period. From Da Vinci to Botticelli the image and truth of Christ is under constant attack quietly operating under the banner of the esoterically placed veil.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Last Supper
This depiction of The Last Supper, one of many thousand based upon the Da Vinci template has a veil almost hidden in shadow above the scene. Judas is also veiled over his clothing and the depiction of Christ is the feminine typecast of Cesar Borgia and the Turin Shroud.

The Mary Mother of God Veil

One of the more destructive deceptions that has veiled the truth and perfection of Christs message of salvation is “Mary, Mother of God”. This deception arose quickly within Christianity through the dominant Catholic Church and in many churches and cathedrals, her statues and imagery are the central visual doctrine and call to worship.

Veil Blonde Mary Christ Heirmonymus Bosch Veil
Location to image to race to rendering, the blurring of the Bible as a whole was inentional and under the banner of the veil.

While the Catholic Church remain the main driving force behind this false teaching and the images slowly taking over houses of worship, Mary at the crucifixion and the renaissance paintings of the Madonna and Child were the esoteric precursor to the later revealed deception. Once again we see the appearance of the veil overhead, the subtle banner craftily letting those in on the wicked distortion of truth to raise up Mary over Christ.

Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Crucifixion
The veil is often seen above the crucifixion, most often where Mary is seen crowned and preeminent within the composure of the painting.

Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Crucifixion
Once again we see the preeminent Mary and a veil above her as she cradles the body of Jesus Christ.

She is shown cradling him as he dies (which isn’t mentioned in any Gospel) which then became her cradling baby Jesus with Him ultimately dependant on her thus raising her as a form of divine femininity alongside Christ Jesus Son of God. Her crown is already in place as Queen of Heaven.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Renaissance Art
The toxic spreading of Mary and a babyJesus, often with the further distortion as chubby and blonde helped the eventual deity of Mary that Catholics give preeminence to as the “Mother of God” and not a human.

One other thing to note is the ever changing face and shape of the depiction of a baby Christ. Usually fat, most often naked but never any consistency. His proportions are sometimes uncharacteristic of a baby, his hair blonde unlike a man of Israel but he is shown as completely dependant upon her.

Biblical Art Veil Christs Appearance Renaisance Art
The image of Christ was buried within contortions of his size and features. He is in many cases depicted as a tiny human to her huge figure. A dmininutive Christ completely dependant upon his mother became the norm as Mary became pictured with a blue veil over her head.
Biblical Art Veil Christs Appearance Renaissance Art
The blue veil and a gigantic feminine form central to the imagery. Christ as the feminine looking shapeshifting mini person is lost within this imagery.

The Veil of Jesus Christs Appearance

One of the largest distortions of Christs message is the destructive depiction of the Son of God Himself. “Artistic license” taken by the renaissance artists to portray him as a feminised dainty blonde, a mother dependant midget, an impossibly blonde and ambiguously aged child in every shape possible was a subversive attack on the subconscious. As already mentioned, these images and icons covered the Churches and homes of Catholics to the point that Mary as the “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven” somehow became the central point of worship via prayer beads and her own alter.

The Feminising of the image of Christ
The subtle feminising of Christ was largely sown by the orgy loving homosexual artists of the Florentine Renaissance.

No description of Christ was ever preserved at the time and no mention of his appearance is given. This was intentional so that he wasn’t worshipped in any earthly sense and that idolatry would not creep in easily and would be discernable to those who were in the full truth of Christ. While an orthodox Christian is delivered the Gospel in calender rotation to discourage personal study and the ugly andrigous images of a shapeless blur of Christ cloud their consciousness, a Bible studying believer reads of the true servant king who confronted hypocrisy and went willingly to a painful death in substitution of others.

Salvatore Mundi Female Christ Deception
The aggressive maulling of Christs image to subliminally remove any masculine strength within the minds of believers reached a vile crescendo with Da Vincis Salvartore Mundi, Jesus depicted as a woman.

Da Vinci and his incredibly sought after art delivered the female Jesus. No jawline, no chest hair, wearing a dress and holding an alchemists glass ball. Da Vinci knew all aspects of the human form, both male and female. This supremely talented artist who gave us the mysterious Mona Lisa with her undefinable facial expression without any shred of doubt knowingly painted this female depiction of Christ. It came as a surprise to very few that Pagan pencil drawings of the god Pan (baphomet/satan) were found behind some of his Biblical art when the originals were X-Rayed.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Jesus Preaches in the Temple
In this depiction of Christ preaching in the temple we see the veil hanging over the scene. Note the blonde feminine depiction of Jesus that slowly became the archetype Jesus through renaissance art.

This intentionally counterproductive image of Christ and all that it gave way to has been in part validated by the Shroud of Turin, a veil apparently used to cover Christs face when he was in the tomb. Catholics hold this veil up as the genuine article and the image it left upon the veil as the face of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Veil Turin Shroud
This image showing the man in the cloth through to the blue eyed Christ is modern but conveys how the ancient mistruth became what it has become.

The following images show the veil of Christ with the feminised facial features, an intentional skewing of His image as the servant King who took the sin of all through his brutal crucifixion.

Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Veil Turin Shroud
The Catholic Saint, Veronica is seen in one of many art pieces holding the shroud. What’s notable here is that Christs facial features from eyebrows to nose and mouth are very similar to her own thus conveying subtle femininity.
Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Veil Turin Shroud
Catholic Nuns are shown here holding the Shroud of Turin, the prototype vision of Christ that never should have been given. The veil imagery is contrasted by the pious lamps that convey that they are the prepared virgins of Christs parable of the ten virgins.
Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Veil Turin Shroud
The very direct and innacurate depictions of Christ on the veil of Turin instead of only the vague imprint were the progression into a false reality of Christs appearance.
Biblical Veil Hidden in Art Esoteric Meaning Veil Turin Shroud
The switch from grizzled outline of a face to the detailed depiction of a Christ was part of the process in bringing what was considered a realistic image of Christ into art. From here this false truth was misused and the use of a veil represents the mistruth being sown.

The Veil of Orthodox Iconography

While there are sinister links between Occult imagery and Masonic tracing boards to be found within the creepy looking Icons of orthodox Christians, that’s another post altogether. If we are to just focus on the veil imagery it doesn’t stick out a great deal because of the generally bizarre look of Icons. They are like an early form of modern art and do away with accuracy.

Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Orthodox Icons
Above a strange rendering of three Catholic “Saints” we see the veil hanging that alludes to potential mistruth, most likely the Catholic use of the term, “Saint”
Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Orthodox Icons
In a bizarre rendering of Christ in the temple sharing to the Pharisees as a teenager, we see an impossibly small Jesus. Images like gave an intentionally diminutive quality to Christ. While this is clearly inaccurate and ridiculous, the shrinking of Christ is subtle reduction of His importance.
Biblical Veil Hidden in art Esoteric Meaning Orthodox Icons
Again, surrealism allows for a very prominent veil across a number of impossibly sized random buildings that were more of the Florentine style than 30 AD. The blurring of timelines and intentional chronoclasm within the Iconography was intended to confuse the believers over time.
The famous shroud was on display in 2015 in Turin Cathedral for a brief time where Catholics descended to pay homage and sadly pray to it. Note that even when displayed the veil imagery is placed above it and matches the Catholic and Orthodox images with its red material.

Pan, Baphomet, Tarot and the Wiccan Connection

The imagery of the veil appears across a broad range of occult artwork, symbols and ritualistic images within tarot cards. While it’s presumptuous to connect a large Christian organisation like the Catholic Church to demonic paganism, it’s hard to deny their involvement in undoing the vision of Christ in favour of Mary.

The veil symbolism and the shroud of Turin that began the crusade to feminise Christ both bear an eery likeness to the god Pan who is in actual fact Baphomet and in turn Satan. The likeness of Pan is almost always associated with love of the earth and nature which encourages a love for the creation and not the creator but with an innocuous mask.

Pan God Baphomet Veil Image Esoteric
This symbol of Pan which is reflected in elements of Kabbala (Jewish Mysticism) through directors like Stanley Kubrick, can be likened to the veil imagery.
Turin Shroud Pan Baphomet Veil Lies
The vision of Pan (being the same as Baphomet and Satan) can be seen within the “shroud” that while clearly not what it claims to be has in actual fact caused Catholics the world over to worship an image of Satan.
The God Pan Baphomet Satan Turin Shroud
The beard and strange lines coming away from the top of the head on the supposed picture of Christ on the shroud of Turin are very similar to the horns of Pan. Could this be the true nature of the veil?
Satan God Pan Baphomet Turin Shroud Hidden Truth
Over the years Pan has taken on something of an image refit by appearing as a jovial character in the work of pseudo pagan works like The Wind in the Willows and C S Lewis Narnia Chronicles.
Bahomet As Above So Below Kabbalah
The slightly more accurate vision of Pan can be found in the image of Baphomet, the originator of the “As Above, So Below” mantra that courses throughout occultism and demonic writings. Pan and Baphomet are both just emulated versions of Satan and part of the larger deception.

And back we come to where we began…

To look at the original images this article started with as the ancient gods where a veil is being placed, you can’t help but wonder if it’s the completion of this rather large and odious equation. Pan would appear to be Aamon therefore Baphomet which ultimately is Satan and Isis is the divine femininity of Baphomet as an androgynous beast that overturns the order set out by God.

The Veil of Isis As Above so Below Baphomet
A clear indication of connection, this image of Isis with Baphomets As Above, So Below Pose delivers one of many strong indications that the single truth behind Pan, Baphomet and Pan is Satan.
Aamon Veil Pan Baphomet Satan Isis
The likeness of Pan and Aamon is more than just striking. Add to it that Aamons other form is an owl, a Masonic symbol and part of the Baphomet symbology. You can add “The Green Man” in there as another version of this same malevolence that sits under a veil.

Catholics inadvertently but by demonic design Worship Satan?

It may seem a little fart fetched to believe that the Christian organisation that’s actually the largest denomination of any religion the world over have been deceived to the point that they actually worship a vision of Satan but consider this. The Bible tells of a great deception that will befall many so called believers…

9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 
10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 
11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 
12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness

2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

We are told in Genesis 3:1 that Satan the Serpent is the most subtle, cunning and crafty beasts that God created. He uses his linguistic trickery to befuddle Adam and Eve effortlessly so would it be such a leap to believe that the Catholic Church is the great lie?

Veil Catholicism Snake Isis Snake Half Moon
In most images of the Virgin Mary she stands upon the half moon of Pan with a snake or dragon wrapped around it. In this image we also see the disc of Isis. While Catholics will tell you that this is Mary stamping upon the snake, this is actually her raised up by the serpent and Pan therefore Satan.

Perhaps when they start worshipping a gigantic snake we can worry about that sort of thing. Wait….errrm….

Snake Hall Vatican The Great Deception Catholicism
The new audience hall inside the Vatican is probably the biggest indication that the Vatican has any Christianity within its walls.

Veil removed…

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      I know what you’re saying, it’s as advertised but the more esoteric appearances within Biblical art convey what needs to be disguised instead of actually being a disguise. A hidden pointer to those working against the same narratives.

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