Things Freemasons Say and Do Part.1 – Funeral Directors, Geocaching, Membership, Globe Obsession and the meaning of Solomons Temple

Freemasonry Professions

Stick to certain professions like Funeral Director, town planning, police force and various other influential roles, especially one that allows for hiding objects, secrecy of actions or dictating the layout of the planet from above. Basically, they love love love BIG Feng Shui, operating using unspoken methods and industries that operate in very shadowy close knits circles like Undertaking or Funeral Directing as it’s now known.
No one ever asks to watch a Funeral Director work, recruitment is generally kept within families (not the many “& Sons” within the trade) and it’s intentional shunning of new technology in favour of reverent antiquity of method makes it perfect for Freemasons.

That most people don’t know that the funeral industry above all others including the police are architecture is almost exclusively Freemasons is a testimony to what a good fit it seems to be.

Freemasonry and Funeral Directors
Funeral directors are almost exclusively Freemasons so love Freemason style architecture.
Freemasonry and Funeral Directors
Having a symmetrical fronted location is very much sought by Funeral Directors.
Freemasonry and Funeral Directors
Pyramids are very common in funeral director locations as it’s part of the Judaism esoterica within Freemasonry.

Freemasonry and Geocaching

The weird Geocaching hobby where you go and stash stuff and make little records of locations through notes and such. Freemasons LOVE Geocaching and part of their esoteric doctrine that’s delivered through symbolism within the Old Testament involves hiding the true name of God to Golden plates that wisdom and writings hidden before the Biblical flood.

Freemasons and Geocaching
The clever and intricate hiding and spreading of esoteric knowledge is key to Freemasonry so Geocaching is a hobby they love.

Although it’s just a very deeply guarded guided subscription model of Jewish Kabbala and the larger agenda they both hold, the transmission of this knowledge that’s quite widely known at this point is still done through very clandestine methods like hiding it underground…perhaps in a coffin or the like.

Freemasons and Geocaching
Geocaching and its actual goal is very vague but it’s alot of fun to alot of people and a huge hit with Freemasons

Because Freemasons are very much into End Times and consistently interlace Noahs Ark images into their tracing boards and writings, it’s perhaps a method of preserving location when a cataclysmic event occurs.

Freemasons and Geocaching
Geocaching often weaves flat earth into its emblems and motifs.

Blurry Freemason Membership

Freemasons often pretend they are not masons or give weird answers to questions from non masons.

Freemasonry and Blurry Info


“Yes, I joined last week”, when they have been a mason for over twenty years

“Did I say I was a mason? I was only winding you up”, when actually a mason

“Oh yes….THE CEREMONY tonight will be excellent….can’t wait for the…you know”, when talking about matters around interested non masons as a way of making it sound intriguing.

“Oh, I wish I could discuss it with you… I really do… my goodness”, when asked by interested non masons

Freemasonry, globes and desks

Mini lodge layouts on their desk involving globes, round things, quill pens all in a symmetrical manner.

Freemasonry and The Globe
Lodges, pillars and hermetic roots all contain the globe and Masons set it on a personal level as a visual handshake. See a globe and some other indicators, that’s are a Freemason.

Masons pride themselves on not needing to actually identify themselves to each other. They simply know by subtle hints within mannerisms, language and personal Feng-Shui. The most important handshake is actually visual and if you know any Freemasons then do have a look at the layouts they use at work and the way they decorate their desks.

Sacred symmetry and geometry is a central part of the unspoken indication of Masonic membership

The visual handshake is the secret, not an actual handshake although they do have one of those also, it’s just used largely to distract from the visual. Many assume that he handshake involves exactly that but Freemasonry has its roots in Judaism and Kabbala so the occultic teachings of the Jews. Things are seldom what they say that they are but the truth is always hiding in plain sight.

Freemasonry and The Globe
Freemasons obsession with the globe is embodied in almost everything they do from the hidden to the unhidden.

Freemasons “Rebuilding the Temple”

Freemasons claim that the central aim of Freemasons is to “Rebuild Solomons Temple” in a literal sense and not in the true and figurative meaning which is to place the Jewish people as rulers of the world.

Freemasonry and Solomons Temple
The true meaning of “rebuilding the temple” is the figurative placing of the Jews as leaders of the world. They are the temple and when rebuilt shall sit at head of a world government.

The Jewish people are the actual temple that Masons refer to. Orthadox Jews are kabbalist alchemy practitioners and revered alchemist King Solomon is one of their largest influences, not Yahweh. Kabbala or Qabbala is all about hidden meanings and Freemasonry is Judaism and Kabbala for gentiles but only a measured dose to make them more useful while the temple of world leadership that is the Jewish people is rebuilt. 

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