Things Freemasons Say And Do Part.2 – Tsimtsum, Ram in Thicket, the Veil of Charity and Flat Earth

Freemasons, Tarot and Tsimtsum

Freemasons love to mix tarot and occult imagery into their homes and workplaces using spacial geometry. Why? Because they are told to by their Hasidic Jew leaders. It’s all part of the visual handshake which makes up the larger code of silence of the Freemasons which is turn is one of the mysterious “Secrets of the Jews” that many write about. 

Masonic Hall Tarot
Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face Kabbala Priestess Tarot

The actual meaning of this is quite dense and deeply encoded but to summarise it all requires looking at beginning of a book all Freemasons know and love, the King James Bible. When Abraham binds Isaac in Genesis 22:13, he is stopped and instead of sacrificing his son as God tells him he sacrifices a ram that was hidden in the thicket of bushes.

Anthropomorphic Faces Freemason Lodges Ram in Thicket
Freemason Lodge Tsimtsum Ram in Thicket

And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.

Genesis 22:13 KJV
The ram is seen in the background as the Angel of the Lord appears and tells Abraham that he need not sacrifice his son. Abraham instead sacrifices the ram caught in the bushes BEHIND him. We also see the hermetic “As Above, So Below” signal as the angle points up and Isaac is pointing down.

This esoteric reading of the Old Testament by Hasidic Jews is the basis for Tarot and also the anthropomorphic faces often seen used by Freemasons in tracing boards and architecture. Being constantly flanked by the ram that was given by G-d (Hasidic Jews spell it that way) is a sign of strength as they consistently have their own Ram in Thicket.

This is a very large topic and covered extensively in our look at Tsimtsum, the Hasidic Jewish concept of “Presence through absence” or “Revealed and then concealed” ideas held in esoteric reading of the Old Testament. However, you hopefully get he basic idea. A ram hidden in thicket behind Abraham is symbolised in the anthropomorphic faces in Masonry.

Freemasons and Charity

Freemasons constantly defend their secret ways by rambling on about all the charitable work that they do like it negates all of the odd stuff. Gangstalking and formula driven terror directed by the higher places within the lodges can’t really be ignored and to an extent isn’t but this method is similar to the subversion that Jimmy Saville used to keep his clandestine evils from closer scrutiny. He was consistantly associated with good causes and present at charitable events to the point that he was awarded an OBE, this placed a veil over the eyes of almost everyone as he indulged his paedophilic tendencies flagrantly, openly at the BBC and without anyone daring to raise a flag.

Jimmy Saville OBE Charity Veil Freemasons Crowley
Although associated with Freemasons by way of his penchant for rituals and hints that he followed the teachings of high ranking Freemason Aleister Crowley, no concrete evidence exists that he was a Freemason. However, both Saville and Freemasons use charity as a diversionary tactic.

It’s very easy to look at the massive figures that they throw up and consistent mentions of this work as the central mission but it just buys favour in the eyes of the masses. Its’s a smart technique and who can blame them. If you’re a secret society that has a job with the secrecy part and plugging up the leaks and connections to Israeli Zionist control then being known for good works helps subvert attention.

The Freemason Subversive Veil of Charity

Freemasons and the Flat Earth

Freemasons believe in the flat earth. Yes, the mother of all conspiracy theories is actually a staple of the secret teachings of Freemasons. They are strictly forbidden from acknowledging this despite it being central to almost all of their tracing boards.

Freemasons and Flat Earth Beliefs
Although they deny it profusely, Freemasons are certainly flat earth believers. In recent years many non Freemasons have noticed the esoteric pointers within there not so secret ways that have been leaked.

If like me you have spoken to drunk/high Freemasons and Jehoavahs Witness who fessed up to it but then denied it when sober it’s pretty obvious that this is a core belief. As we covered in part one, almost all Freemasons have a globe on display in their offices which echoes the alchemists and early Jesuit astrologers who were always depicted holding a round globe like object long before the discovery of a round earth was made. 

Hermes Trismegistus As Above So Below Kabbalah
Hermes Trismegistus, a core figure in alchemy and Freemasonry teachings through Hermeticism is seen holding the “As Above so Below” pose and a globe.

Although you are very unlikely to get a Freemason to confess this unless they are very drunk, the royal dome and flat chess board represent the earth and the firmament. The set square denotes the straight and flat earth and the compass the round disc shape upon which the lands are set.

Flat Earth and Firmament Freemasons
Pillars, sun and moon above just below the royal dome and all set upon the flat earth. These are all elements covered in the many tracing boards of the Freemasons, an ancient method of esoterically transferring knowledge one to another.
Freemasonry Tracing Boards Flat Earth

3 thoughts on “Things Freemasons Say And Do Part.2 – Tsimtsum, Ram in Thicket, the Veil of Charity and Flat Earth

  1. Ida says:

    Just starting this but it reminds me, who;s idea was it to call the holocaust the holocaust? since it means burnt offering. Strange thing to name a genocide of your people, no? I hope you can help me understand this!


  2. Ida Marnoch says:

    WOW this is so weird. I am also a flat earther or globe agnostic lol might be my cPTSD which makes it hard to trust adults. BUT I once found a logo of a masonic lodge of cardiff and it had the strangest drawing on it, of a flat earth model with continents laid out and a man standing on it with a globe on his back! Weird, huh? I will try to find it again and link it here, this was in 2013

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