Things Freemasons Say And Do Part.3 – Undercover Rams, links to JW and Mormonism and symbology naivety.

Freemasons pretending to have left Freemasonry

If you know how to spot it and understand the unspoken visual codec along with have inside info on where their doctrines are buried within literature and Judaism you realise the obvious. Freemasonry is HUGE and has built its numbers by appealing to different people, races and nearly the whole spectrum of human life on this planet. Whether it’s the various guilds, Rotary Club, Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons or Catholic Catenians, it exists everywhere. Infact you could say that instead of Freemasonry existing inside of the aforementioned bodies that it’s simply another body. Another of what you may ask? Occult driven Hasidic Judaism, the seed that formed almost all other types of Anti-God, Pro-Pagan entities the world over that promote love of creation and hatred of any idea of a creator.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

John 8:44-45

Without dwelling upon it too much and pointing you in the direction of this other article about Moses and Snakes you can probably grasp what’s going on.

From the above image we are able to make out the hidden faces of Freemasonry. When I say faces I mean this in a number of ways. We see the Hebrew characters, the Judaism that’s at its core along with the the tarot and occult Lemniscate infinity symbol which are both faces of Freemasonry which are hidden in plain sight. We also see visual anthropomorphic faces in the globes and triangle forming an owl like Moloch Baal face along with the flowers as eyes below the frown of the set square. This is the true meaning behind the Cabalistic principle of Tsimtsum. Revealed but concealed, presence through absence and the incredibly cryptic description of this principle all point to something hidden but esoteric and known only to those initiated and aware. Look at any Masonic tracing board or even lodge. You will see intentional patterns and layouts that make faces, the revealed but also concealed face of their God, Lucifer. This all ties in with Genesis 22 where “The Angel of the Lord” appears and tells Abraham to disobey God and instead to look behind himself to a Ram in the Thicket. The Ram represents Satan hiding everywhere upon the earth and one to turn to in horrible situations instead of God.

This same principle is carried out with membership as many Freemasons will tell you the same story in that they got to a certain level and then had to leave for unspecified reasons. They in turn become “Rams in Thicket” as undercover agents to those in the open. The true size and scale of this Zionist entity is only imaginable if you can imagine something that controls the entire world quietly and without being labeled. How is this possible? By never revealing the true size of the operation with much of it as “Rams hiding in thicket”.

Freemasonry Secret Membership Rams in Thicket
The “Ram in Thicket” of Genesis 22 represents the hidden presence of Satan to be turned to instead of Gods instructions. This principle is carried forth as undercover Freemasons who further the Zionist cause but deny being members.

If you ever speak to a Freemason about his membership he will never give you anything accurate. He left because of something that shocked him, he joined a week back and not decade, it’s all silly so they left etc etc but never the truth.

The truth is that most Freemasons don’t announce that they are Freemasons and simply flat deny it. They are the “Rams in Thicket”.

Freemasons denying any relation to Jehovahs Witnesses and Mormons

Ask any Mormon if Mormonism is related to Freemasonry and he will say “NO!”

Hidden Freemasonry and Baal Worship in Mormon Temples
Hidden Freemasonry and Baal Worship in Mormon Temples

Ask any Jehovahs Witness if JW is related to Freemasonry and he will say “NO!”

Hidden Freemasonry in the layout of Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall
Hidden Freemasonry in the layout of Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall

Ask a Freemason if Jehovahs Witnesses or Mormonism is related to Freemasonry and he will tell you that all that’s required is belief in monotheism and a singular deity.

Freemasons standard layout is copied by JW Kingdom Halls and Mormon Temples
Freemasons standard layout is copied by JW Kingdom Halls and Mormon Temples

The truth is that all three are bound together and when the blurred lines are seen clearly are actually the same thing under different banners. Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason and was buried under the sacred geometric symbol of a pyramid. Joseph Smith, also a Freemason. They all subscribe to the new age interpretation of Angels and all in their own way are there to subvert you from Christianity.

Green Witch Village New York Star of David As Above So Below

Freemasonry is simply a decrypted and then recrypted (again, the concept of Tsimtsum with a reveal and then conceal) version of Judaism and the Masons claim of “Rebuilding Solomons Temple” refers to raising up a Zionist world leader who is of the line of David. It’s all very simple once you know the central aim that they have. Freemasons hide behind layers and layers of red herrings and blurry faux mythologies but strip it all away and it’s Judaism for the gentiles as agents to the cause documented in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. We go deeper into this topic a little here. Judaism often uses “An Angel of the Lord” and “Lord” instead of Satan or Lucifer in order to blur the lines between God and Satan. As Above so Below is contained within the Star of David which is called out as a symbol of Baal worship in the New Testament Books of Acts.

Freemason Symbols in Mormon Temples
Freemason Symbols in Mormon Temples

Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness?

Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

Acts 7:42-43
Masonic Symbols with Mormon Architecture
Masonic Symbols with Mormon Architecture

Similarly, Jehovahs Witness are subversive and hold that Jesus was actually the Angel Gabriel. If you visit the website you can read all about how they actually believe the United Nations and a one world government is the will of Jehovah. They have a very aggressive recruitment campaign and they practice de-fellowshipping, the act of shunning unbelievers which essentially places them as a cult by all accepted definitions. Note that Freemasons who bear these same traits but in far more obvious are never referred to as a cult which shows how their image is managed by the Jewish controlled world media.

Ram in Thicket Tsimtsum Eyes Without a Face

Mormons use a slightly different tactic in that they subvert your understanding of the Bible by adding in their rather poorly written and intentionally conflicted and confusing “Book of Mormon”. Again, we see the use of Angels in that Joseph Smith claims to have been shown these extra books by the Angel Moroni on “Golden Plates” that he has conveniently lost. The Angel Moroni visits him a number of times and delivers him the missing truth of the Bible that’s actually an added lie.

Whether it’s Freemasons stating that belief and worship of a single monotheistic deity is all that’s required, Mormons confusing and muddying the truth with their added work or JW’s pushing the New World Order with their support of the UN and New World Translation Bible, Freemasons sit at the top of the organisation. They all have the same central goal which is to take you away from Biblical Truth and the other common denominator is Freemasonry.

Bottom line, they all lie and deny this easily identified truth.

Freemasons claiming to know the truth behind the symbology they use

The amusing but rather sad truth is that Freemasons don’t really understand the central meaning behind their symbols beyond the relation to esoteric communication and have very little idea about why they do what they do. Most accept the rewards it delivers through investment and encouragement for other Freemasons to use their services as business owners in exchange for helping in ways they don’t understand. They are given names of people to target, actions to complete, geolocations to build at and other such small tasks that to them seem a very fair deal.

The strength of the larger Zionist plan is that only a few really understand how it works and most who are in the work as agents don’t really know that they are and this includes Freemasons.

Symbology of Masonic Tracing Boards
Freemasons have only a very shallow understanding of their own symbology

They are aware of a great deal of charity work and “Brotherhood” is encouraged so camaraderie exists so on the surface of things why wouldn’t you want to be a Freemason? It will help your business, it gives you a sense of belonging and if you’re in a fix then you can call upon a brother to help. However, this is the great trick that has befallen this current world. The false deity of morals and piety. Believing that being good is the goal and that to know God is simply to act in a way that he appears to like. However, while the Bible does indicate that a Christian should behave a certain way this is simply evidence of a conscience that’s awake to good and evil through accepting Jesus and therefore God.

Freemasons are bewitched into believing that “being good” is all that’s needed and that all of these things that they are asked to do and the vague understanding of cryptic Kabbala are harmless. Each act alone is harmless but that’s how it all works. One does one thing that alone is inocuous but when coupled with the act of another, neither being aware of others action, it becomes a larger plan.

Freemasonry and Hasidic Judaism is hidden within art with Moses and the tablets
Freemasonry and Hasidic Judaism is hidden within art with Moses and the Tablets of the Law
Freemasonry Tablets Symbology Zionism

Masons have been delivered into the plan by greed and the false sense that charity can veil all things. Even Satanism.

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  1. Robert Jansson says:

    I grew up in Jehovah’s witnesses organisation and you got wrong one thing about the name of Jesus in Heaven before he was born on Earth. The witnesses believe that the name was Michael and not Gabriel, like you write.

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