Zionism: Philippines and Israel, the Alliance both covert and overt

The friendship between the downtrodden Philippines and the wildly successful but controversial Jewish state is an ethical, religious and diplomatic tie that operates in the open and under the table.

Philippines Israel Political Alliance

Back in 1947, the Philippines, under the administration of President Freemason Manuel Roxas and under the pressure of the US led by fellow Freemason Harry S Trumans, cast the tie-breaking vote at the UN to create Israel at the cost of Palestine. It was the only Asian country to support the creation of the state of Israel.

Famous Freemason Harry Truman 33rd President USA
Famous Freemason Harry Truman 33rd President of the USA

Freemasonry as a craft and ethos is decoded and then recoded Hasidic Judaism and Kabbala so this isn’t really the heroic vote that many Filipinos will tell you. It was an inevitability and fully supported as Philippines is incredibly pro Israel. As a country, the Philippines has the highest percentage of Freemasons worldwide.

Freemasonry Philippines Masonic Flag Evolution

The two countries established diplomatic ties 10 years later in 1957.

In 2015, the Israeli Embassy began a year-long “Thank you, Philippines” campaign top show the nation’s gratitude to Filipinos and punctuates the lasting alliance between Philippines and the state of Israel.

Philippines Israeli Religious Alliance

We cover the strange shape of Philippines Christianity and the why and what in another article here and the Philippines links to the Cabbala here but all those topics are best left partitioned off while remaining related. Let’s focus only on the religious side and the subtle mix of Judaism into Philippines Christianity and culture.

Philippines as a country is predominantly Roman Catholic but only in so much as this is the main vessel for the various folk lores of their history and the paganism that was standard of their neighbours in the region who were not under Spanish occupation. Judaism is very prominent within the culture and this manifests through various organisations and Christian denominations. From the satanic symbolism drenched aggressive mega church Iglesia Ni Cristo that threatens it’s detractors and is marked by disappearances of high profile defectors to the large spread of Jehovahs Witness, Judaism sits in symbolism and culture.

Although both Jehovahs Witnesses deny it, they are simply another form of the different shades of Zionism that stand behind Freemasonry. The teachings of Jehovahs Witness or JW for short are that Jesus was simply an Angel and not the son of God. They encourage support of the United Nations and the Zionist New World Order. While to many it seems coincidental, the Bible they use is called the “New World Translation” which is simply the Zionist codec hidden in plain sight.

Philippines Israel Ideological Alliance

Although most of the following points like Freemasory in the Philippines and the hidden existence of Judaism within their various faux Christianity organisations exists, it’s important to draw it all together and understand what this produces.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) gestures to the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte (L) during their meeting in Jerusalem September 3, 2018

The Philippines is a country that has always been a player in the Zionist agenda and its people are overtly pro Israel through the infiltration of Government by Zionist Gentile agents, Freemasons and then religion by the poisoned versions of Christianity.

This multiple angle attack by the Zionist agenda has delivered the most faithful of agents to support the cause. Speak to any Filipino and they will usually tell you quite politely that Israel is the nation of the Jews who are “Gods chosen people”. This skewing of the narative and adoption of Judaism through various channels is the what and why of Zionist Philippines.

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