Jehovahs Witness Black Ops: Fake “Ex Jehovahs Witnesses”, infiltrating and disrupting Christian Fellowships

Ever noticed that ex-Jehovahs Witnesses aren’t too far from acidic arguments about doctrine, power struggles for clerical authority and general division within Christian fellowship? Reports from a growing number of Christians suggest that the some of the smiley Christ denying Freemason-alike cult members are using trojan horse style tactics to subvert what they see as false teachings. Compelled by their own doctrines to aggressively recruit, JW are known primarily as door to door preachers but covertly causing division, confusion and collapse of Christian fellowships also ticks that same box.

Started in the late 1800’s by Charles Taze Russell, a Freemason who wrote that his own teachings about the Bible are more essential than the Bible itself, the JW church is as controversial as it is aggressive. Russia recently took the surprising step of outlawing the shady religious organisation who claim to be true Christianity but trade in the cross for the Cabbalist and Mystic Judiasm Tetragramatton.

se This isn’t to say that all ex JW are secretly fulfilling their rigid evangelism quota by causing Christian Fellowships to implode or adopt pseudo-JW practices. Many endure being shunned by friends and family when they come away from the Old Testament loving cult as they practice de-fellowshipping when it comes to apostate ex-members and show bravery in doing so. However, much like its fraternal chum Freemasonry, JW members denying membership in order to be useful as subversive undercover agents using subtle systems and gentle persuasion is a reality.

Here are some signs that ex Jehovahs Witnesses are evangelising via these subvert, distort and re-educate or destroy tactics.

  1. The ex JW members in your fellowship are still in contact with family members who are practicing Jehovahs Witnesses.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are instructed to defellowship family members if they fall away or renounce the organisation. They have an intentionally conflicted teaching on this which is intended to make it unclear but if you focus on the actual statements on the practice it gives examples of parents shunning children and non family members to stay away from wicked ex members.

    JW on reaching out to those who they are shunning and drawing away from.

    Jehovahs Witness teaching on the love that is shown by shunning family members and the kindness of informing a person they defellowshipped but how to reverse the decision.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for an ex JW member who is practising Christianity to have open contact with parents or siblings because they too can be defellowshipped for associating with apostate members.
  2. Unusually strong support for Israel and a blinkered view that they are “Gods chosen people”

    Genesis 22 Satan is the Ram in Thicket

    Freemasons and Jehovahs witnesses are essentially Zionist agents when you unpick all of the strangely shaped Christianity and charitable acts/cyptic claptrap. Freemasons claim to be “rebuilding Solomons Temple”, an allegory for establishing Israel as centralised world leaders under a “New World Order” and JW are equally supportive of Israel from teachings to political positioning. Freemasonry came before JW as Charles Taze Russel was a Mason but Freemasonry for all it’s excessive esotericism is simply Hasidic Judaism for gentles. Since Hasidic Judaism is Kabbala at its core, it’s a decoded and then recoded version of the Old Testament viewed through hermetic books like the Zohar and Kybalion.
  3. Aggressively steering fellowship towards whatever divides.

    Whether it’s salvation, the gift of tongues or any number of points of contention, ex JWs working a trojan horse as their evangelism quota will make sure that these topics stay at the forefront encourage division. It’s actually very easy to instigate this sort of corrosive behaviour. Christians are passionate about their faith so happy to discuss and study such topics, keen to discuss points that they themselves or fellow brethren may have wrong so are easily nudged into what ends up as divisive.

    Jehovahs Witnesses causing arguments amongst Christians

    It has been observed that ex JWs who are suspected of being agents of division will be the most passionate on these topics initially to get the ball rolling. They then shift to the background by only discussing opinions and positions others take in the form of praise and appreciation for their understanding to those holding counter views. Christians are told to be of one mind and such divisive manoeuvres are the antithesis for unified members.
  4. Uncharacteristically aggressive powergrabs that cause massive division and then allow for divisive control when won.

    ex Jehovahs Witness Blackops Trojan Horse

    Ex JW members will run at any positon that delivers authority like “Elder” or “Pastor” if anyone leaves or a need arises. If you see an ex JW treating it almost like a political race and their characters take a wild shift that furthers gaining the position then your Christian fellowship may have been infiltrated.

    The aim isn’t to lead unless it’s into Psudeo-Judaism. In most cases it’s all about breaking up the fellowship into smaller groups that are weaker due to size. What’s noted is that you may see a few older members suddenly shift position in alignment with the new ex JW Church leader. They are either onboard with the Psuedo-Judaism/Kabbala or JW themselves.

    New members with strangley shaped Christianity will suddenly appear after an ex JW gains authority. They are their to help dismantle the fellowship or strengthen the ex JW leader.
  5. Ex JW members inserting odd statements into prayers like:

    “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”

    Overuse of the many strange compound names of God like Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nisi, Jehovah Shalom and Jehovah Rapha.

    Tsimtsum Hidden Eyes Tetragrammaton

    Prayers that bless and strengthen “The four corners”, a subtle reference to the pillars of Freemasonry and the chequered floor of the lodge. Sacred space is a Jewish teaching and paganism when checked against the Bible.

    Interest in and encouragement to look to the doctrines of Angels. Use of names like Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Angel with a view that they are Biblical. Catholics do this with the names of saints and even protestants trend towards the names of the apostles and good old testament men.
  6. A keen interest in visiting and encouraging others to visit destinations featuring ancient Greek architecture locations like Corinth or anywhere with a Victory Arch like Paris and the Arch De Triumphe.

    Jehovahs Witness Arch Angels

    Jehovahs Witnesses believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is to built on earth as it is in heaven and the 144,000 are just the very pious amongst them who will ascend to live with God. The remaining 8 million will live in peace and harmony on earth as rulers after the UN has placed a descendant of David as King of all the World (yes, does sound very anti-christ-ish…VERY) and for Angels to join us from the heavenly realms through portals aka Victory Arches. Yes, this is why they are known as “Arch Angels”. As above, so below….that too.

    Ex JW members Trojan Horse - Angels

    On a sidenote, the doctrine of angels is only biblical in a very tenuous way and is actually an element of the very destructive and subversive Biblical artwork of the Florentine Renaissance. Christians should steer well clear.

    The key isn’t to accuse but to simply observe if these things begin within your fellowship. It could even be from members who don’t claim to have left the cult of Jehovahs Witness and Christians often squabble without any help from JW, Mormons, Freemasons or even The Power Rangers. However, this is a pattern that’s emerging and identifiable by one or two of the above elements alongside a historical spell in the JW cult.

    Be alert brehtren, God bless.

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