Warning: The Tragic Consequences of Religious Cult Fair Game Tactics and Covert Methods of Secret Societies

Whether it’s scientology making BBC presenters explode, subtle stalking, de-fellowshipping by Jehovahs Witnesses or abusive methods Crypto-Judaism Christians, Cults are marked out by the way they don’t take kindly to a number of things. Leaving and/or revealing that they are not quite as friendly as the lovebombing they hook people in with suggests. We look at some of the tragic results of the subtle and expertly crafted ambient abuse from ex-cult members and victims who lent their voice to research and study groups of Cult methodology…

The Devastating and Tragic Consequences of Covert Psychological Abuse Effects

Pernicious Abuse by Cults, Religious Groups and Secret Societies

These methods have for many years and continue to go on unrecognised but have recently been observed and brave ex-cult members have revealed that the methods are very real and work on an extremely covert and near undetectable level.

How widespread the use of such method are remains unknown because awareness is still young but ultimately everything happens behind the scenes often without more than one or two high level cult members, like a Mastermason or Occult Veteran being aware despite many playing small roles. To the victim, it’s usually not even known outside of tremendously poor fortune, isolation and a feeling that something isn’t right but not really knowing what the problem is.

The Devastating and Tragic Consequences of Covert Psychological Abuse Effects

No evidence is ever left behind and no-one has ever been convicted of such actions although new UK coercion laws in 2016 suggest that authorities may be starting to understand this abuse that’s associated more and more with religious cults like Kabbalists and secret societies like Freemasonry and its many faces. The reality is, what we shall term as pernicious abuse by cults and secret societies is something that can and does have a devastating and often deadly effect, not just on a victim, but also within society as a whole depending on how widespread it is. Some suggest that the use by Freemasons is so excessive and widespread that it shapes everything from countries to politics to social attitudes. Pernicious abuse often leads to covert psychological murder, something which is quite real, highly insidious, documented in prisoner of war camps but tragically goes unrecognised and virtually unquestioned until it’s too late.

Psychological murder can take many different shapes but with modern religious cults and secret societies like Freemasonry it is understood to be largely covertly narcissistic and/or sociopathic abuse. It may be too difficult for some people to be able to comprehend but this does and is happening to many around us both aware and unaware and ex Freemasons and cult members have risked their lives delivering information to cult rescue teams, study groups researching religions cults and authorities. What was most likely labelled as a form psychosis by the victim when they raise a flag up until very recently is now being looked as potential cult gang-stalking.

The Devastating and Tragic Consequences of Covert Psychological Abuse Effects

Narcissistic/Sociopathic (narcopathic) abuse from secret societies takes shape when a narcissist agent or agents make strategic and/or coordinated efforts to convince someone who has discovered their often occult secrets, gradually and subtly, that they are crazy and proceeds to manipulate them into silence or to ultimately face an ambient wrath. They use techniques such as rubber reality, character assassination and subversive gaslighting in order to get the victim to question their own sanity and validity of the wisdom they have gathered.

Generally the cult begins by ostracising the victim while continuing to act out their part with smiles, expertly hiding their outrageous behaviour, and successfully having everyone from victim to observer fooled. Everything is done to deliver an image contrary to their agenda to those around them while the manipulation and controlling tactics take place behind the scenes, outside of awareness. The victim is compelled to question their sanity because initially they don’t realise what’s actually happening. Before they are even aware that that they are a victim it’s often very deep in the process because everything done to manipulate and destroy their reputation is executed outside of their awareness.

As time goes by and the longer the victim tries to do something about it, the more severe the ambient techniques of abuse become. This is made possibly by way of the victim having destroyed credibility by attempting to alert either friends, family or authorities when it was a level so undetectable it appeared to be psychosis. In the later stages the narcissist agent will have already assembled a team of unwitting abusers who all work to drive the victims levels of stress to a point where they will experience a breakdown or genuine mental illness. The long-term consequences of these actions can be a terrifying, soul crushing and are in many cases deadly. There are many other types of abuse that can do have just as devastating and severe consequences. However, psychological forms of abuse such as gaslighting, brain rape, slander, defamation and distortion of a person’s reputation are done so covertly, subtly and in such an expertly coordinated fashion that they are very rarely identified early enough. Ex-Cult members from Scientology, Freemasonry and other secret occult societies have revealed that in almost every case up until recently, nothing has been detected and the victim was taken through to mental collapse and/or suicide.

Narcopathic Abuse by Cults and Secret Societies

Victims of this attack are commonly left with no resources they can use to escape where they have been taken; the agent or agents has drained or taken their finances, destroyed their self identity and has turned the victim’s family and friends against them through calculated malicious lies and staged conflicts. The victim is pinned with no visible way out, support or even family to turn to or at the very least that is what they have been lead to believe.

Victims of this form of ambient abuse go through what feels like dragged through hell blindfolded. Narcissistic sociopathic agents of abuse use heightened communication which is difficult to identify in the age of the smart phone. In almost all cases reporrted by ex-cult members and victims, this starts with the victim left pondering “perhaps it really is just me?”

Victims are covertly lead to believe that they are the problem. In domestic cases where the spouse is the or one of the abusers they may cheat on their partner and show no guilt which compounds a feeling of worthlessness. Such actions are usually executed at times when the victim will be vulnerable through an acceleration of other methods.

What has been reported as common is that the victim turns to drugs or alcohol to finds temporary escape of what they see as inescapable. The coordinated levels of stress that they are forced to endure can be so severe that they when fail to find any kind of release, the build up erodes their mental state thus bringing on a breakdown when the mind itself goes into autopilot for an escape. As the victim continues to build up excessive tension, anxiety, emotional damage they can develop an overactive mind which does literally drive them insane. Depending on their method of escape by way of drugs or alcohol, the mix of false escape and a crumbling racing mind delivers irreversible damage to a victims mind.

Psychological Murder by Cults and Secret Societies

This most horrid method of abuse manifest when an agent or agents refuse to quit abusing and the victim’s self-esteem which becomes worn down to so completely that they reach levels of devaluation, dehumanization and dissociation that make suicide not only an option but the preferred option. The victim is made to believe that they are nothing to this world, have nothing to offer, no meaning to life, no worth to anyone and nowhere to go outside of the abusive treatment of the agent or agents. The agent is now essentially their personal god because their mental state is too fragile to fight or offer anything more than seeking rest or death.

The Devastating and Tragic Consequences of Covert Psychological Abuse Effects

These processes often involve subliminal methods that can take place over the course of a number of years. By the time the victim realises that it’s to design, they are broken to the point that any attempt to escape the situation and the abuser, having gained control over large parts of their life would accelerate processes to ruin what’s left of their life or relationships. The agent or agents continue to drive the victim crazy, destroying their reputation, their life, circle of friends, connection to family and eventually their spirit to live. Many ex-cult members refer to this as soul murder.

Suicidally prone but too weakened to commit the act

After a time the victim will be left feeling suicidal but fearing even that others would see it as a selfish act unable to do the deed. Additionally, they will have been lead into severe guilt attacks and destruction of self-image so obsess over others left picking up the pieces they left behind for their worthless existence being ended selfishly. This state of mental torture where a victim yearns to die but believes they have no choice but to continue suffering the abuse is as tragic and painful as it sounds. When interviewed, verified survivors became visibly agitated at recalling this stage and definitive mental scarring could be seen.

Many victims ultimately make the decision to drown the misery they feel by ingesting as much alcohol or drugs into their fragile system as possible. This form of escapism is a win for the agent or agents as the habits slowly kill the victim along with their reputation along the way. This is often where intentional overdoses or alcohol poisoning emerge. Others who do not turn to substance abuse end up suffering fatal stress related medical issues as a result of the abuse alone. The body gives up as the mind wills it and the agents work is complete

What’s most tragic about these forms of abuse is the more that is known about them, the more intricate and wide ranging the methods are revealed to be and the sad truth that what has actually transpired is never revealed. It goes to the grave with the unfortunate victim who destroyed any credibility they had early on and didn’t dare to speak out when they gained full knowledge of the awful truth.

9 thoughts on “Warning: The Tragic Consequences of Religious Cult Fair Game Tactics and Covert Methods of Secret Societies

  1. Cameron Grant says:

    I deal with this exact situation every day and have been for at least the last 30 years this article resonates massivly with me and thank you for these words of validation. I am a son of an ex 3rd mark master who deserted the lodge so i’m sure you are aware of my current situation..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. researchorganizedgangstalking says:

    This is an excellent, insightful post.

    Much of what you describe has been “institutionalized” via language and semantics based internet programs like Moonshot CVE, Palantir databases, and the XKEYSCORE program.

    And there is now evidence of race-based tribal-ethnic NGOs like the ultra-right ADL that are using these programs, and the often racist or religionist algorithyms to target speakers online and off for “pure speech.”

    Liked by 1 person

      • researchorganizedgangstalking says:

        Well, I wrote the nations first ever article about how the FBI “manufacturs terrorists. ”

        That case, Mohamed Warsame, was notoriously linked to how the FBI infiltrated Somali communities, and waged bizarre stalking campaigns in order to prove itself as a “constitution defying ” agency on par with the CIA, under the “intelligence sharing ” schemes of 2001-200-Today.

        Then, I,was,just a,student journalist with stiries to write, most of which contradicted the anti -constitution. FBI /DHS, ET Alphabet agencies, “hidden assets” and their financiers among the domestic NGOs.

        Regardless, I still have, “stalkers ” from that time period, but manage to get stories about FBI et agency managed security cults into the MSM once in awhile.

        The eBayGang © of FBI Infragard agents affiliated with christian cults, who waged a gang stalking campaign against the Steiners is just one example.

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  3. researchorganizedgangstalking says:

    I tried to post earlier, but probably too many links.

    Here is XKEYSCORE:

    You can easily Google Palantir, and Moonshot CVE.

    All of these programs claim their goal is the nebulous, ever morphing “counter terrorism,” but in practice, they monitor and target pure first amendment speech, and the usual suspects (Opus Dei, ADL, deMolay, Freemasons, etc) write the algorithms, and program the watchlists of internet search terms.

    Both right and left wing think tanks, and the ACLU have documented these horrific, unconstitutional programs.

    Very bad stuff.

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